Victor Jetspeed S Rackets: Tips To Choose The Best Speed RacketVictor Jetspeed S Rackets: Tips To Choose The Best Speed Racket

The single biggest mistake that badminton players commit while buying a racket is ignoring their playing style. You cannot win games by buying the most expensive racket. You cannot excel by choosing the most popular model. You win by choosing the right racket for you. Do you rely on speed while playing a game of badminton? If you prefer playing swift shots and attacking your opponents with speed, Victor Jetspeed racket S series is made for you.

Victor Jetspeed S Badminton Rackets: Why are they so popular?

Victor, world’s top badminton brand, classifies its rackets under three broad categories: Power, Control and Speed. As the name suggests, Victor Jetspeed rackets fall under the speed category. In 2014, the company introduced the first rackets in the Jetspeed S series: JS-8PS (Precision) and JS-8ST (Speed) racket models. The rackets were popular because the models included:

1. Nano Fortify technology for enhanced shaft reaction and agility.

2. Zxion (Japanese Liquid Crystalline Polyester Fiber) for better shock absorption, improved precision and more eleasticity in the frame.

3. Innovative Shark-Tec and Aero-Sword technology to reduce air resistance and make swings quicker than before.

Since the introduction of the Jetspeed S series, it has been a favorite of players who demand speed and agility while playing badminton. Currently there are many new models available in the market. If you are confused about choosing the latest Jetspeed S racket model, here’s some help:

1. Victor Jetspeed S 10Q Racket

Victor has combined two of its winning technologies: Pyrofil and Nano Fortify to create a lightweight JS-10Q badminton racket. The balanced racket has an isometric head. It is ideal for players who like to play fast attacking games! The company has combined its two popular frame structures: Sword and Aerodynamic to create an Aero-Sword frame for reducing air resistance. You can buy the racket in different weight categories after considering your comfort.

2. Victor Jetspeed S 12 Racket

The stylish yellow Victor Jetspeed S 12 racket comes with the same Aero-Sword frame as the JS-10Q racket model. But the Nanofortify technology is replaced with Hard Cored technology. Inspired by a military helicopter, the Hard Cored Technology creates a multi-layered structure and improves the feel of the racket. Victor has used the innovative TERS (Twin Epoxy Resin System) for the structure to improve frame elasticity and shaft flexibility. As usual, the Pyrofil technology makes the racket ultra-light and offers excellent shock absorbing features.

3. Victor Jetspeed S 12 M Racket

Launched in 2018, Victor Jetspeed S 12 M racket comes in a stylish blue color. The racket has similar features to the previous yellow JS-12 version of the racket. However, you will not face any issue of the sinking grommets with the blue JS-12M racket. Victor has made the racket more durable than before. It comes with a stiff frame and flexible shaft that is most useful for fast players. You can control net shots easily with the racket and play fast rallies easily.

4. Victor Jetspeed S 12 F Racket

If you are looking for a lighter version of the Victor Jetspeed S 12 series, choose the JS-12F (Fast) badminton racket. It is available in stunning blue and peach colors. The technology used in the racket is similar to other JS-12 racket models but the difference is the weight distribution. It is a head-light racket that doesn’t compromise on the feel. It makes swings faster than before. If you like playing the game with your wrists, the racket can make attacking shots even better.

5. Victor Jetspeed S 08 New Racket

It is lime green and blue racket with some weight in the head. So, even though the racket is very light in weight and easy to manage, it doesn’t make your smashes weak. Drop shots are easy with the racket and so are flat drives. The racket is ideal for someone who has good playing technique and can control the direction of the shuttlecock quickly. If you like playing fast rallies, you can choose the option.

6. Victor Jetspeed S 06 F Racket

Available in blue with shades of lime-yellow and white decals, Victor Jetspeed S 06 F racket is a head-light racket. Just like other rackets in the Jetspeed S series, the racket frame and shaft are designed in such a way that they cut air resistance and offer great speed while hitting a shuttlecock. Available in 4U/G5 category, the racket offers a great combination of speed and control.

Jetspeed S Badminton Racket: Choose what’s Best for you!

When you want to buy a badminton racket, focus on your skills to make a decision. There are many racket models available in the Jetspeed S series. Choose one that matches your playing style and budget. If you have a limited budget, seek help from an online badminton equipment store. Due to high competition, many online stores offer great discounts on the best Jetspeed S series rackets. Make sure you find one that sells 100% original Victor badminton rackets.

by Jeremy Hughes
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