Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips That Actually WorkReal Estate Digital Marketing Tips That Actually Work

An increasing number of consumers turn to the internet for all of their needs, and home buyers are no exception. Did you know about 44% of real estate buyers start their home search online, and among that 95% real estate buyers use the internet at some point in the buying process?  So, in today’s digital world, the local real estate agents should inverse in digital marketing ideas to get active online and to rank their home listings. In fact, it is one of the knowledgeable ways to make sure that your listings are easy.

Proven Step By Step Process to Boost Your Local Real Estate Company to That Critical First Spot

Step 1: Selecting the Keywords That Fit your House Listing

List the keywords that reflect your services with the help of SEO experts, and set up a free Google AdWords account. All SEO keywords fall loosely into two types. They are, buying intent and research intent. And, the AdWords account will provide you with access to the free Google Keyword Planner tool, so you don’t have to build or fund an ad campaign.

Step 2: Optimizing the Keywords in 2 Spots

The SEO expert will optimize your keywords in two different spots “Google My Business page and your website.”

Website Optimization: Optimize your website “core” pages and blogs for your buying intent keywords.

Google My Business: Your Google My Business page appears in Google’s “Map” section that raises your overall presence online by provides a quick overview of your real estate company.

Step 3: Finding Citations and Links

Links: Inbound links from authoritative websites will reach the highest Google rankings.

Citations: Your NAP must be identical in every listing. In that, you can choose a general national, local, or targeted real estate directories.

You can start to build your citations and links with the overall framework of your SEO campaign in place. These increase your online reach and help to boost your Google rankings.

Step 4: Add Reviews to Your Page

Focus on Google My Business reviews for the speediest rankings boost. Customer reviews let Google know that your business is legitimate and convince prospects to try your services.

Step 5: Track Your Results

By tracking your results, you can find the areas that still need tweaking. There are many different methods for analyzing your data. Here we have mentioned the two core metrics that are the most important.

1. Conversions: In Google Analytics, you can track both web and phone conversions, discover which of your services drives the most conversions.

2. Traffic: Check your percentage of traffic that comes to you through Google search, the traffic for each individual webpage, and total traffic. You will come to know the difference.

Improving Your Rank of Their Real Estate Listings with These Real Estate Listing Best Practices

It’s time to start doing SEO for your real estate listings. If you wish to increase leads and sell more homes, your real estate firm needs to literally pop up in front of a homebuyer’s face at the moment they’re searching for properties. It’s doable, and how do you do it with real estate SEO.  Here you go! Become a highly trusted real estate agent in the eyes of search engines and users alike by following these digital marketing ideas for real estate.

1. Build a Local SEO listing page or Profiles

With properly optimized listings, you will reach more clients and increase your authority in the real estate industry.

2. Reach Out To Other Reputable Sites

After creating the local profiles on all the big directories for real estate listings with the help of SEO experts, consider reaching out other online communities that will benefit from your listings.

3. Optimize Your Images

Optimizing the images with effective keywords is one of the most important parts in real estate listings. By doing so, you can give a much better sense of a property, and make potential buyers contact you.

4. Promote the Listings on Your Social Channels

Posting links to your listings on social media platforms will help with exposure to your audience. But, limit yourself to one or two properties per week and should not do this too often. This is because your fans will get annoyed if your social channels fill their news feeds up with real estate listings.

5. Promote the Listings on Your Real Estate Website and Blogs

Search engines are extremely helpful in bringing traffic to your listings, but you have to work for with trending SEO lead conversion strategies. The great way to keep visitors up to date on new listings is creating creative and cache content (blog). Post the newsworthy blog frequently by linking it to your individual listings. But, don’t be overly promotional and lose your subscribers. Another best way to promote your home listings is, linking your individual listings to your website.  Also, consider creating a section on your homepage that shows your most recent properties.

6. Use the Address in Your Header Tags and Body

Be sure to include the street address, city, and zip code of the property. This will draw attention to the listing and make it easier for the search engines.

7. Use the Seed Local Keywords

Although your property has technically located in one city, think about other keywords that describe the surrounding area. If you’re listing a property in Port Washington, consider giving description usually how buyers in that area might search for properties, and based on it implement the keyword. For example, instead of describing “house for sale in Port Washington,” consider "house for sale in New York.” This type of process can be done perfectly only by SEO professionals.

These are the real estate digital marketing ideas for small business to boost your Google search visibility and rank the home listings in 2019 and beyond. To make your rank better, contact the SEO expect, and pick the SEO service package that suits you the best. Did you know 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority? In today’s fast-moving business environment, finding better late than never! So, contact the SEO experts, who can help rank your home listings by implementing digital marketing strategies for real estate, and give a big success.

by Auggie Diaz
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The author of this article is the SEO expert who specializes in implementing digital marketing strategies for real estate.
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