Myths And Misconceptions About Expert SEO ServicesMyths And Misconceptions About Expert SEO Services

Myth 1: PageRank is the only thing that matters

The algorithm used by Google to rank sites is PageRank that determines how important a site is to others. However, the result takes indications from many other inputs as well, according to Google. Some of the inputs are easy to see, such as having your site recommended by others. This proves that not only PageRank matters. There is more going on than just PageRank. It is widely believed that PageRank is the most vital factor, and a rank 1 page is always better than a rank 3 page.

Myth 2: The title tag is not crawled by search engines

Google sees on your website is the text that is visible to readers, such as what is displayed on the screen and rendered in a web browser. It would be easy to understand that the title is not picked up. But, your title is important for SEO, as it is the text that is displayed on the link people will click on. Google is using it to help your ranking, as well as people will see it when they click on your website.

Myth 3: Usability does not interfere with expert SEO services

Overall purpose of expert SEO services is to gain traffic and get people stay on your site for longer so that they will buy your products and services from you. Expert SEO services go hand in hand with usability, as this is what makes a difference in whether someone stays on your site for long or not. If your website is difficult to use or navigate, it is easy for visitors to go to the next search result. The search engines will themselves look at usability and layout. If your website is hard to navigate, it will be hard for the spider as well, and having an improper usability can affect your rankings definitely.

Myth 4: The .edu and .gov backlinks are the best

 Most .edu and .gov sites are ranked well and have a high authority, since those are typically official websites that are maintained well and contain no spam. But, this is a byproduct of how they maintain, it is not guaranteed. The simple reality that they have a domain that ends with .gov or .edu doesn’t help your ranking. If you have backlink on any of these sites, it will be like how much authority that site has. You get nothing by the fact that it is a government or educational site.

Myth 5: SEO depends on the quantity of links a website has

The success of a campaign on social media is to have the most possible backlinks is a misconception. All ranking algorithms, such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Bing, etc. will rank websites based on various different factors. For a successful small business SEO services or expert SEO services, you need to address all of these factors. A link has its own quality value. A single link from popular news sites displaying your product information will be much more valuable.

by Anand Saama
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