Baby Teething Comfort TipsBaby Teething Comfort Tips

Are you noticing your baby becoming fussier, biting down on practically anything they can get their mouth on? Do you now see a tooth starting to pop out from their gums? You will have to start thinking about teething solutions.

Teething is challenging time for both babies and their parents. Of course, any parent would hate to see their child suffer from the struggles of teething pain. Below are a few tips to help you and your baby sail through this challenging phase.

  1. Wash your hands and give your baby a gum massage. The pressure will counter the pressure of the teeth breathing through offering some comfort and relief from swelling gums.
  2. Chill your baby’s pacifier to lightly numb the gums and soothe them.
  3. Get your baby one of those baby-safe teething necklaces on the market. Aside from providing relief, these teething jewelries also look great!
  4. Many children refuse to eat while teething, mostly because of discomfort. Keep them fed and hydrated, while soothing their gums by giving them milk popsicles. There are lots of BPA-free popsicle forms in the market that you can fill with formula or breastmilk.
  5. Cut a big piece of an apple and allow it to chill in the freezer for a couple of hours, and let your baby gnaw on it. Just make sure that you stay close by to make sure that no pieces break off, which can be a potential choking hazard. A frozen bagel should also work.
  6. Just like most things, babies have preferences when it comes to teethers. Research on some of the most popular teethers that you can freeze. There are lots of rubber and wood options in the market today.
  7. If you can, strap your baby in a structured carrier and keep them close with you at all times. They will feel comforted being close to you, and help lessen the discomforts of teething.
  8. Keep your baby’s face dry and wipe the drool that comes with teething from their mouth, cheeks and chin. This might not stop their gums from aching, but this will prevent skin irritation that can potentially add to their discomfort.
  9. Moisten a texture washcloth and put it in the freezer before giving it to your child to gnaw on. While a plain washcloth will work, a terrycloth or those that come with ribbing will give added relief by creating friction.
  10. Infant-formula acetaminophen and other over the counter pain relievers can help take the edge off. This can come in handy among babies who cannot sleep because of the discomfort. If you are considering giving them medication, make sure to consult your baby’s pediatrician first.
  11. Refrigerate a spoon. This is something your child can easily hold on their own to push against their gums, chew on, and even play to distract themselves from the discomfort. Have a few of them in the freezer so you always have one at the ready.
  12. Place pureed foods in the refrigerator before feeding so the food feels cool on your child’s gums. It will offer them some relief and even encourage them to eat more.
  13. Studies have shown that reflexology have identified connections between the toes and teeth. Gently massage your baby’s foot, focusing on the toes.
  14. If you are nursing, offer your breast more to give your baby additional comfort and make sure that they are nourished.

Keep in mind that teething will not stay on your child for long, and the first few ones always seem to be the worst. Follow the tips above and you should soothe and give your baby comfort in no time.

by James Franklin
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Are you noticing your baby becoming fussier, biting down on practically anything they can get their mouth on?

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