Tooth Extractions: Do I Need A Dentist Or Oral Surgeon?Tooth Extractions: Do I Need A Dentist Or Oral Surgeon?

When it comes to tooth extractions, many people wonder if they should turn to a dentist, or go to an oral surgeon. It might seem like a pretty common procedure, but tooth extraction should not be taken lightly, and it is important that you choose the perfect person for your particular situation, especially when it is an emergency. Both the dentist and oral surgeon can do an extraction, but which one should you go to? The answer depends on the kind of procedure needed and how involved you have to be. 

If you experience any kind of complication with your teeth, you should first contact your dentist. There are dental clinics that offer after-hours service for those who have emergency needs outside of the usual business hours. The dentist will first evaluate the situation and determine if an extraction is needed, and if it is something that they can do in their clinic. This kind of consultation usually involves some x-rays and an thorough examination of the affected tooth. 

After the consultation, the dentist will them make a recommendation if they can perform the extraction, or if you need to be referred to an oral surgeon. An affected tooth can be removed using a local anesthesia like Novocain can easily be removed by many dentists right then and there in their office. If the dentist decides that an oral surgeon is necessary, they can usually easily make a referral since most of them already have oral surgeons that they work with. 

What are some of the reasons why a dentist will refer a tooth extraction procedure to an oral surgeon? Below are some of the reasons why going to an oral surgeon might be needed to ensure a successful extraction. 

  • Complicated facial structure. The position of the teeth in the mouth might make it hard for a dentist to do extraction without causing discomfort. Other issues that may necessitate a surgeon include limited jaw mobility and large sinuses.
  • Fractured or cracked teeth. Fractured or cracked teeth will likely to break during the extraction procedure. Therefore, a more intensive surgery is needed, similar to the one needed to remove an impacted tooth.
  • Extraction complications. All dentists strive for perfection in their work, but things can inevitably go wrong during some extractions. A tooth with complex roots or one that cracks during the actual procedure will require an oral surgeon to complete the process. In such cases, you will be quickly referred to one to ease the discomfort and prevent further complications. 

Can a tooth extraction procedure be performed by either or? There are some dental procedures that can be performed by either a dentist or oral surgeon. The choice will heavily rely on your preference and convenience.

  • Impacted tooth. Removal of a tooth that is impacted or grew below the gum line is more complex than just pulling them out. Despite the complexity, this kind of extraction can be done by either a dentist or surgeon. This procedure usually involves general anesthesia and making a cut in the mouth to remove the tooth.
  • Dental anxiety. Whatever the physical situation of their teeth may be, some patients want to be unconscious for an extraction, especially if they have dental anxiety. Both the dentist and surgeon can administer a sedative. Tell the dentist or surgeon your concerns about the procedure and they will help you work with your needs.

If you still have doubts on who to contact in case a need for a tooth extraction arises – or any dental procedure for that matter – contact the local dentist in your area with your questions. They should be able to help you determine the right person to go to, and answer any issues you may have about the dental procedure you want to get.

by James Franklin
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When it comes to tooth extractions, many people wonder if they should turn to a dentist, or go to an oral surgeon.
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