Laser Cutting Machine Buying GuideLaser Cutting Machine Buying Guide

As you know, laser cutting machines are widely used in industry, and today, due to the pervasiveness of these devices and their low cost, they have been able to play a colorful role in the economics of households or small businesses.

Many of the replicas, boards, handicrafts, and decorations you see on the market come from these devices.
But the point is, what machine do we need to start a laser cutting machine?
Gold laser engraving and engraving machine
The fiber marking machine is mostly used for engraving and cutting gold. The power of these devices is generally 2 to 50 watts. You can cut and engrave gold sheets with this machine. These machines have the ability to engrave circular metals even inside the ring and bangle. The price of these devices is somewhat expensive but is a major development in gold making.

With this machine you can engrave on all kinds of metals with high speed and also can cut all kinds of gold, steel and etc. sheets up to 0.8 mm in diameter.

We offer fine work such as gold or engraving and fine cutting, fiber engraving and laser cutting.

The desk surface of this machine is small at about 30 by 40 cm and the cutting and engraving area is about 30 by 30 cm and is not suitable for cutting and engraving on large sheets.

Larger sheets up to 1 mm in diameter can be used with co2 laser cutting machines with 150 watt tubes, which can be mounted on tables 90 x 130 cm or larger.

Laser cut machine, leather and cardboard for making decorative accessories
One of the businesses that can have a good market is the manufacture of decorative accessories with wool and leather.

You can also make a 30 x 40 cm desktop laser cutting machine at a minimum cost. This machine is suitable for low-end home work, and because of its low lubrication power, materials other than wool and synthetic leather and similar materials cannot be used much, but it is suitable for engraving on advertising equipment.

But we recommend buying a desk with a desk at least 60 by 90 cm with a 80 watt tube and still better than a 90 by 130 watt with a 100 watt tube which has a lot of cutting and engraving capabilities and almost all you need for one. Home production or workshop work.

Laser cutting machine for cutting wood and Plexiglas

As mentioned, one of the most common applications of laser cutting and engraving is to make a variety of wooden replicas, decorative accessories and paneling.

We again offer the purchase of a 90 x 130 cm machine with a 100 watt tube, Model RT-1390.

With this laser machine you can cut MDF sheets up to 7 mm in diameter and Plexiglass up to 20 mm in diameter. It should be noted that no laser cutting machine is recommended for cutting wood more than 7 mm in diameter as it will burn wood or cut edges.

If you are planning to cut wood sheets more than 7mm in diameter, we recommend buying a CNC machine for cutting wood.

Important Points in Buying a Laser Cutting Machine

The most important parts of a laser cutting machine include the following:

Laser tube
Lenses and mirrors
Rail and cabin
Device table
Laser tube

Reci laser laser tube is the most popular brand of laser tube in Iran. Current power is 40, 80, 100 and 130 watts.

We recommend buying a 100 watt Reci brand laser tube machine because it is suitable for both engraving and engraving.

Note also that as laser power increases, its etching accuracy decreases, and vice versa. That's why we recommend the 100 W4 Series tube, which is suitable for both cutting and engraving.


There are a variety of motherboards on the market, but we recommend the RDC-6332 or RDC 6442 because they are the new generation of motherboards, featuring a color graphical monitor and the ability to install flash memory and lane ports directly, as well as pre-work monitoring. They have cutting and engraving operations on their screens, and their main advantage is their automatic error detection system, which makes them very easy to work with.

Lenses and mirrors

There are a variety of lenses and mirrors available in the market, but we offer silicone mirrors and crystal clear orange lenses. The best brands in the market are American lenses and mirrors, or US licensed. Chinese brands are also popular in Iran for good prices, but they cannot be trusted by the brand or manufacturer in this market fraud because they easily label and label world-famous companies on any commodity and sell them at a discount. .

We recommend purchasing the device from reputable and reputable companies that do not lose credibility with counterfeit products for a little extra profit.

Rail & Cab:

The best rails and cabins available on the market are Taiwan, Japan and America. We offer THK Japan Rail. There is still a lot of fraud in the market, and we only recommend buying from well-known companies or their exclusive dealers in Iran.

Device table:

Device tables are available in a variety of sizes, the most common being 30 * 40 - 60 * 90 - 90 * 130 - 130 * 180 - 250 * 320.

For small and home production jobs we offer a machine with a 90 x 130 table

by Reza Valeh
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Laser Cutting Machine Buying Guide
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