Best Hair Masque For Straightening Your Hair NaturallyBest Hair Masque For Straightening Your Hair Naturally

I'm good to go. You're going to have to wait two hours with Shea Moisture Hair Mask. So make sure you plan something around because I mean two hours are two freaking hours. So my first assumption was that this mask was going to smell bad because of the milk. But I think that the other ingredients kind of mute that scent.

It's not bad so far. All right. The annoying part is that is drippy. So I think I should have gone for the towel and also the overall and periods of the mask is like it looks like.

Yeah. I can't say what it looks like. You know what it looks like the fun fact I'm obsessed with Egyptian women.

One of the things I've found about them is that they used to bathe in milk not just wash their face and hair but an entire body with milk because they believe it has been proven that it's really good for your body. Two hours have passed it's time to wash my hair. All right so I just finished washing off this here mass low weird smells or.

Just wear your shoes I still have my ear very point note I wash my hair with cold water and I'm also drying my hair with warm air not hot and I finish it out with cold air is three alternatives I learn are the healthiest option for your hair, as a matter of fact, I usually wash my hair with really cold water that today and I know it's working people it's working.

When you start drying your hair you get weird sense but that is not the case right now.

My hair is dried rice, my beautiful tribe. It's time to initiate ritual at the moment of Royal Troon is have arrived because I got on my computer right here and we're going to take a look at the before and after and see what happened. I'm too hyped up to it.

OK. There is a difference in the after picture. The hair looks flatter it's not a straight line where you use his trainer or a heat-based tool but it's flatter Like it's evident in terms of the freeze. I honestly don't know it is a big difference either in terms of Shine I don't see a big difference. I would say that there's some slight improvement in the after picture but I am not sure about that. Let me know in the comments. What do you think is the here are not comparing my results to what pretty poor here is showing us in her video.

The video now not the thumbnail in the video is not far from the truth. She's showing something
pretty similar to what I have. So there it is. It's not bad. It's decent. Like if you want flatter hair without having to damage your hair with heat into light. This is not a bad alternative at all. Today video shadow goes out to chicken soup and me.

I wrote a beautiful arrive at home. Chicken likes chicken soup. Where are you from watching that you Coop scooby doo. Here comes chicken soup. How does government data in the group we're known? Hey, a big job in lies. Look at this. Clapping. On the corner. He's not using my kids for this employment phase right now. If you want to rhyme but the one and only Brenda Blanco from the block. May show you like this video and comment below. We're going to try something healthy today.

It could be chicken soup. It could be a hair mask whatever it is. Make it healthy to make it today and I'll see you on the next one.

by Alicia Pinder
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You can use Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Treatment Masque.
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