Personal Loans: What, Why, And HowPersonal Loans: What, Why, And How

Anyone can use personal loans for any financial purpose if it’s legal, but no one likes being in debt. You can lose twice as much as you owe and lose all your property before you realize it.

How can you tell when a loan is worth it? How can you earn more and possibly pay less once you’ve stood your ground? More importantly, what does it all mean, and what can you get for studying how to pay these debts?

Here are ways you can find the right plan and loan for your personal needs:

What are Personal Loans?

Before we start, you must consider the differences between the first thing lenders will ask for: secured and unsecured loans. Each of them implies different exchanges you need to weigh in before you finalize your option.

secured loan connects to collaterals: an asset you’ll exchange for a loan, like your car or a home. If you don’t pay your loan on time, you’ll have to give these up to your lender.

An unsecured loan doesn’t require you of any collateral, but it starts with a much higher interest rate. Unsecured loans usually fall under credit cards and student loans.

Personal loans are a type of unsecured loan; these are lump sums of money you can owe for personal emergencies. These may include immediate home repairs and medical bills.

While it’s possible to use personal loans for materialistic reasons like weddings and vacations, it may knock your credit score down. Then again, no one likes to be in debt – some loans may not be worth any perk, especially knowing it can harm your credit score.

What’s Worth the Debt?


Usually, personal loans have higher interest rates than secured loans. Multiple records of them can get complicated, and payments with separate interest rates may weigh on you more than it should.

Consolidating minimizes the interest rates that come with merging all needed balances into one loan. With this, you can skip the hassle of having to juggle several payments and interest rates at once.


When the inevitability of needing to pay more than you earn, pulling out emergency funds is the optimal option. But if emergency funds are more expensive than your paycheck, a personal loan is the next best thing.

Some emergency expenses include the need for costly home or vehicle repairs for you to live a proper daily life. With a personal loan, you can avoid extensive interests and deadlines that overpower your debt-to-income ratio.


Calculated risks based on time-crunched opportunities can lead to a quicker repayment for personal loans. These include businesses expansions, home remodeling to increase real estate value.

Student loans are also under investments in personal loans.

Investments can be intimidating gambles to make, especially knowing that not all of them work out well. But with careful study and planning, it can be better to launch it with a personal loan.


If you’re asking where you should start, look no further: the answer is everywhere. The only question you need to ask is how you can figure out how to make the most of your loans.

Prequalifying involves gauging how you can pay your loan in your terms. This process involves soft credit checks, which looks through your credit profile without deducting your credit score.

Found your loan option yet?

Soft credit checks ask for personal information, income, monthly debts, and your employers’ details. Loaners will work with what’s provided to come up with loan offers that you can afford.

Once you receive these offers with multiple lenders, compare your options side-by-side. The more options you have, the better you’ll see what’s best for you and your needs.

Keep in mind that interests aren’t the only payments you’ll need to calculate. Annual Percentage Rates are the set of fees lenders charge like origination, processing, and document preparation fees.

Ask all potential lenders of their APRs; this includes the interest rates and the necessary fees to get the loan. Different banks and lenders charge different rates, depending on your credit scores and debt ratios.

However, APRs and interest rates shouldn’t be your only focus on applying for a personal loan. If lenders refuse to disclose the fees you’ll ask for, you should start looking for another lender.

Common fees like those for late payments, check processing, and NSF can take up your budget if you’re unaware of them. Always ask about these payments, including whether they have a prepayment penalty.

After signing for a loan, you accept the interest rate to pay for every month. It can be hard to maintain, which can lead to penalty payments. You can train yourself to make frequent payments or set up automatic payments to avoid this.

All these processes can seem like too much legwork, but they’re necessary to save a lifetime’s worth of debt. Take your time in searching for the personal loan that fits your needs the best.

by Elliot Chang
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Elliot Chang financial analyst with 8 years expirience on NYSE.
Currently writing for Finance Brokerage

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