Playing Blind Mans Bluff With Your Life  Maybe Its Time For Some IntentionPlaying Blind Mans Bluff With Your Life Maybe Its Time For Some Intention

Many people are sleepwalking through life doing what's expected of them, others are moving through a significant life transition, and some are just spinning. Whatever the condition, each of us craves a sense of purpose; we yearn for a directed certainty of our life's trajectory, and pray for a bedrock of being that will hold us fast in the face of life's capriciousness.

Can the power of Intention fulfill these desires? While Intention is not the EZ-Bake Solution, without it we haven't a chance.

What is Intention? How do we get it and what might we get from it? Let's start with the dictionary's definition. Intention and its siblings "intend" and "intent" encompasses every aspect of our speech - verb, adjective and noun.

The word "intend" is a verb designating action and movement. It derives from the words "to aim at" and "to stretch". It encompasses having a purpose or a plan, how something should be used or designed, and to signify purpose.

The word "intent" is an adjective, thus a descriptor indicating a mind firmly fixed, engrossed and strongly resolved. In the law, it relates to culpability or, as I see it, consciously chosen "ownership" of a force of energy in mind or in action.

And, "intention" is a noun - the name of something. It reflects the determination to do, or to be; something definable. Determination is a commitment and, I believe, often a prayer.

So, taken together, Intentions are designed to be a stretch - always beyond reach, but never so far away as to collapse our will. They require letting go of wishing and the engagement of commitment, and they make demands on us to find our courage, to take a stand, to go public and get into action!

We declare to the universe that we are on the way, even if we don't yet possess an accurate map.

Intentions are directional, volitional, conscious and charged with energy. With clear intention you can piggyback the energy of the universe, fuel your dreams, gather allies and supporters, and marshal your resources.

However, be careful of how you cast your intentions. You need to build a strong foundation, have a proper support team, and put appropriate financial and other resources in place. Without thoughtful preparation and planning, you can careen wildly into outer space like a psychotic rocket, filled with fuel and strength but completely off course. And the passengers on this rocket can be your hope, courage and self-confidence. After a misguided adventure, some become too frightened to fuel up again, preferring to stay safely earthbound.

What, then, can keep you going? How do you avoid collapse in the face of ongoing uncertainty? The answer is in the power of Intention. Developing guiding Intentions is no easy task. Difficult to come by and often showing up later in our lives, they take time to mature and manifest.

The first step out in faith is designing and declaring your intentions. Embrace that you are on the road and don't know what awaits you. You can only depend upon this very moment, and your intention supports and inspires you to fully occupy it. You learn faith and trust as you take ensuing steps and gain increased clarity about what truly matters. You learn to hold fast to the essentials, and trust that what you create will be everlasting because it resides within you; it belongs to you and defines you.

Questions for Living from Intention

- Make your Intentions about Being rather than Doing. How you intend to Be impacts every aspect of your experience. What do you think the difference might be in your life?

- How might an emphasis on Being change your relationship to outcomes? Would your sense of well-being rest on the outcomes of your effort? If the actual outcome fell short of your desired goal, could you still feel successful?

- With Intention as your guide, how might the nature of your work, relationships, and life change?

- What would tell you if have deviated from your Intentions? What concerns, fears or feelings might emerge?

Tips to Staying on Track and Moving Forward

- Form an "oversight committee": Find people who are striving to "live bigger" themselves, and tell them what you are working on. Ask them what they've done, what's worked, what hasn't. Chose them because they can be a cheerleader They have walked this road themselves and genuinely support your growth.

- Find others who want to work together on Living from Intention and meet together on a regular basis. Hire a facilitator or coach who will work with your group. Assign homework, share challenges, and learn from each other.

- Seek out a Spiritual Director or therapist.

- Get a great coach with whom you feel aligned

- Take classes, workshops or teleclasses. Invest in yourself.

Whatever you do, don't give up. Your Life is depending on you.

by Leslie Malin
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Leslie Malin, MSW, President of Management by Design is a co-author of "The Essential Coaching Book: Secrets to a Winning Life," and is the author of two forthcoming books: "Meeting Yourself on the Way to Work: Finding Meaning from 9 to 5" and "HireSmart: A Practical Guide for Business Owners & Their Managers".

As an entrepreneur, coach, consultant and therapist she guides independent professionals, solopreneurs and small business owners who want to create their success by choice, not by chance.

Her expertise in working with people in career transition or seeking their first job provides mastery of the job-search process.

Undue the "default thinking" in your life, get your FREE Copy of "As a Man Thinketh", by James Allen by emailing Leslie at with your contact information (Full name and email)and be signed up for her ezine, "On the Way". Browse her website at

Leslie is available for public speaking engagements, executive retreats and motivational seminars. Contact her at:

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