Fatalism TrapFatalism Trap

Christian are you trapped in the fatalistic mentality. Do you believe that you have no control over the things that happen in your life? That sickness and disease, natural disasters, and accidents are just meant to be, and you just have to accept them. If you do you are wrong.

In very rare cases disease can be attributed to the divine plan. In most cases disease of all kinds is the result of our choices. Why should we be surprised when we take what God gives us, change it into something toxic, cancer causing, and cancer develops?

If you live on a mountain of fragile soil, and there is a too much rain, can it be any surprise if there is a mudslide. If we chose to live in a fragile area, and fail to take into account the possible dangers, or take prudent precautions, then suffer for it, this does not make it a matter of fate. If we live below sea level, or in a flood plain and get flooded from time to time it is a matter of poor planning not fate.

If you fail to look before you walk into the road and get hit by a car, it was not fate but poor planning on your part, which caused your injury.

If you eat a toxic cocktail every day, filled with foods that are outside our design, why should you be surprised when you get sick? Disease is the natural result of living outside of the way we were designed to live.

In Genesis 1:29 God, our Creator, Designer, told us what he designed our body's to be nourished with. You can deny this all you want. You can develop all the so-called scientific reasons to refute this fact, which you want too. You can take other scripture out of context, or take whatever means pleases you, or you can simply ignore the facts. No matter what you do you will never succeed in taking false theories and lies and creating truth. Truth plus a lie always yields a lie.

Satan is the master of taking a little truth and mixing it with a lie to deceive. He wants you to be sick and tired so you will not witness. He wants you to die early so you will not reach as many as you could. If he can deceive you into blaming something else for your suffering, he can divert you from the truth.

We have to start taking responsibility for our own actions. We need to understand how our bodies really work. We have to look before we leap.

If we are willingly ignorant and die prematurely because of poor choices, think about the thousands who may not hear the truth because you left this world before your time. I am here to tell you that the date of your death is not written in stone. In most cases, God does not choose a date for you to die that is totally unavoidable. In most cases, it is out choices that set that date.

God uses the time we have. I am sure that God knows in advance the results our choices will dictate. But that does not mean that you cannot change your destiny, by changing your choices. If you turn left instead of right when the Spirit tells you to, you could avoid being hit by a train, or being swept into a raging river when a bridge fails, or any other disaster you can dream up. Most of us have experienced this is some way.

In the same way, if you are eating the worlds toxic diet, creating cancer and destroying your heart and other organs, then change to Gods original diet, it makes since that you could avoid the disease that was your fate if you stayed on the worlds wide road to disease and destruction.

Tens of thousands of people just like you have proven this to be true. They were suffering with disease, headed for an early painful death. They adopted our original diet and their disease simply went away.

It is no mystery. It is the law of cause and effect. We were designed for a specific diet and lifestyle. If we chose to live outside that diet and lifestyle we have disease to look forward to. If we return to the diet we were designed for, disease simply goes away. At some point we will die. However our death will not be a long protracted painful death, like many of those who follow the world system of slow poisoning usually suffer.

by Charles Snyder
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Charles Snyder
Author of Health by Design
Author of Six Months to Live

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