Which Sales Strategy Wins The Game Of Sales  Offense Or DefensiveWhich Sales Strategy Wins The Game Of Sales Offense Or Defensive

It doesn't matter what sport championship we are watching, strategies are being mapped by each team playing. Who do you think will win the championship? My belief is that a good defense always beats the offense. However, if we asked the same question about sales, what would be the answer? Is it better to have a strong offensive strategy? Does a defensive strategy make more sense? These are questions we'll be looking at in this article.

Why the Defense Sales Strategy Wins
Defensive strategic sales teams win! I have witnessed business growth where there was virtually no proactive marketing, such as promotional mailings and outside sales contact. Yet the business was maintaining sales growth. Certainly there are possible factors helping them like image, reputation, location or very little competition. However, in all cases, my final analysis came back to the defensive strategy applied. Although these businesses didn't exercise an offensive strategy that appeared to make any real impact, they were creating an army of satisfied clients with their service. They usually had a great follow-up program when a customer engaged them. They thanked their clients so well that the customer base felt like family. They held their customers as cherished possessions and it showed.

Establishing an army of satisfied customers is a good thing. Holding on to them is what the defensive goal should be. What defensive businesses had in common was special. They really knew their customers personally and regularly sent thank you notes. When they finished a project with a client, they always asked for feedback on how they could improve. They were fanatic about getting out quotes and following up on requests.

The results of this defensive posture are that customers rave about them to their friends and associates. This is why a great defensive posture works. You might say this is a defensive and offensive strategy and you are right. The results can be increased significantly when the business asks for referrals. It can skyrocket when the business rewards or recognizes customers for referrals. This strategy only wins when customer service is outstanding and fanatical. This defensive strategy protects the business from losing good clients and the referrals multiply new customers dramatically.

Why the Offense Sales Strategy Wins
Offensive strategic sales teams win! I've witnessed outstanding success with sales programs where a strategic sales plan is mapped out and followed with precision and it always wins. The challenge is that these situations are rare. The important factor is that a strategic sales and marketing plan is in place. In these situations, the business knows and understands their marketplace including the competition. They understand their strength and weakness and really understand how and where to find new prospects.

The offensive strategy wins when they follow a proven sales process and don't let good prospects drop from their pipeline. They steal clients from competitors that don't have a good defensive strategy. Business statistics indicate that 10% to 15% of business is lost each year to aggressive competitors. The offensive business wins when it gains more yardage than it loses. So, they have to be really aggressive to win.

Why the Balanced Team Always Wins!
When a business applies superior offensive and defensive sales strategy, it always wins! The question to ask ourselves is, do we have a balanced up-to-date, proven, mapped out offense and defensive sales strategy? If your balanced, you will WIN!

by Steve Martinez
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Steve Martinez implements sales management strategies with a focus on automating sales for printing organizations. Selling Magic teaches businesses how to automate and customizing ACT or Outlook with the best practices of sales management while integrating email marketing and technology for greater profits. http://www.sellingmagic.com

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