Brilliant Corners House Plants And Your HealthBrilliant Corners House Plants And Your Health

Although many of us cannot deny the emotional benefits of filling our house with various breathing green things, we usually do not see the house plant as something which can improve our physical well-being. Nonetheless low maintenance indoor plants can help to absorb carbon dioxide as well as possibly harmful chemicals such as those which come from paint, stoves, furniture, cleaners and the like.

Toxic chemicals like benzene, ammonia and trichloroethylene all come from these different products of modern living. Plants may be used purposely to upgrade the air quality in your house, improve energy as well as ease asthma symptoms. Here are some methods for putting plants to good use: First of all, Put a Plant on Your Desk. If you wish to become more creative, productive as well as less fatigued while you are working, add some greenery to your office ASAP. Research Studies have proven that individuals who labor in front of computers in excess of 4 hours per day feel substantially better when they have a plant on their desk.

You may also bring Plants to an ill Friend: Hospital patients who have a view of nature often recover from their sickness faster than those who do not. Being surrounded by healthy plants is a superb way of improving mood as well as recovery speed.

You may also use house plants as an effective (and cheap, compared to the alternatives) way to filter your indoor air. As amatter of fact, your indoor air may be as much as ten times more polluted than outdoor air, surprisingly enouph. According to NASA scientists, houseplants may extract volatile chemicals from your air acting as filters for the indoor area that they inhabit. House plants like palms, peace lilies, ferns, chrysanthemums and spider plants are especially good when it comes to air purification.

Research Studies have strongly indicated that indoor plants reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and other cold symptoms by about one third!

by Ryan Joseph
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This article originally appeared in the March 2006 issue of the Zone Net Newsletter. Zone Net offers a home based business in the health and wellness industry. For more info go to Zone Diet Home Business Opportunity

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