Writing Marketing Copy That SellsWriting Marketing Copy That Sells

When your prospects see your marketing materials, your brochure, your web site or your ads you want them to read them. You want prospects to read not just the first sentence but the majority of your copy. Once they've read it, you want them to decide that they need your product or service and either make a purchase or contact you for more information.

When prospective clients and customers see your web site, ads or brochures, you want them to be captivated and impressed. You hope they'll read not just the headlines, but all the way through the copy. And you want this scintillating copy to motivate them to take the next step, and make a purchase or contact you for more information.

Is it working?

Do prospects read your marketing materials? Does the copy convince them that they need your products and services? Do they understand the value you provide?

Do they contact you?

What's the key to writing marketing copy that grabs your prospects' attention, overcomes common objections and leads to a sale or an inquiry?

When you finally call a plumber to fix that leak under the sink, does he spend ten or fifteen minutes talking about how long he has been in business, the wrenches he uses or the process he uses to solder a joint together? Of course not.

You have a problem and, in most cases, you need it solved immediately. You don't necessarily care how he does it - you just want your leaky plumbing fixed. Of course you want to spend as little as possible, but you see the plumber's fees relative to the damage you're incurring from the leak.

Likewise, prospects' own problems and concerns precede their interest in your products and services. To capture their attention and get them to read your marketing copy; focus on what they want; don't begin your marketing copy with descriptions of the solution you provide or your credentials or processes.

Prospects' problems come first, then your solution. Problem; solution. Prospects want to see themselves and their concerns clearly identified in order to feel confident that you understand their needs. By addressing this, you create the context so that when you do describe your products and services, they are the obvious solution to your prospects' needs.

Take a look at your marketing materials, including everything from your business card to your web site. Who and what are your marketing materials about; you or your prospects' concerns?

Make a list of five to fifteen things that your prospects want. Turn these into questions or statements about your prospects' problems. Asking questions is particularly effective in getting prospects to think about solving their problems.

If you're a financial advisor you might ask, "Do you want to learn how to make more in both up and down markets?" If you help people with marketing their businesses you might ask, "Do you want to learn how to attract more clients and increase sales?" If you sell golf clubs you might ask, "Do you want to hit further and more accurately with less effort?"

To attract new clients you need to get their attention, demonstrate that you understand their concerns and clarify the value your products and services provide. Focus your marketing copy on your prospects' problems, ask them questions and couch your solutions in terms of their objectives. You'll start more conversations, sell more products and sign up more clients.

by Charlie Cook
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The author, Charlie Cook, helps service professionals and small business owners attract more clients and be more successful. Sign up for the Free Marketing Plan eBook, '7 Steps to get more clients and grow your business' at http://www.marketingforsuccess.com

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