Choosing The Best Credit Card For YouChoosing The Best Credit Card For You

When choosing the right credit card for you, it is extremely important that you are aware of the conditions and terms that apply to the credit card. There are a few things you should take into consideration, for example take a look at the finance charges, method of balance computation, annual fee, and any periods of time that are interest free on any purchase made with the card, if the payment is made on time and in full.

Everyday, nearly every consumer becomes hit with many different offers of this credit card or that credit card. The choices can seem overwhelming, you could receive offers that include no annual fee, low yearly percentage rates, additional insurance, or reward programs. It becomes extremely difficult with each new offer to determine which credit card is suitable for you and your situation.

Other things you should consider when choosing a credit card includes your credit history, you will need to understand if you have excellent credit, slightly damaged credit or poor credit. With perfect credit or even credit that has the minimal of damage, you can likely be approved and choose any type of credit card you desire. For those with average or slightly damaged credit and those with poor credit will need to choose a credit card very carefully in order to receive the best possible value.

Additionally, close examine your habits in spending when you are choosing your credit card. Consider the following very carefully, how will the card be used, do you intend to pay the balance off monthly, or do you intend to have a balance carry over each month? If it is likely that you will allow your balance to carry over each month and make minimal payments you should probably consider a credit card that has a lower APR or Annual Percentage Rate. For those that intend to pay their balance off monthly in full, they will likely benefit from a card that will offer you some sort of reward program.

Reward programs are great because they can offer you many things such as, frequent flyer miles, extended grace periods that are interest-free, or cash back on purchased made with that credit card.

You should also take into carefully consideration your personal interests when choosing a credit card. For example, if you are a frequent traveler it could be of high value to opt for a credit card that will offer you specific rewards like travel vouchers or discounts to use while traveling. Do you prefer to shop at one specific store? Then you should think about getting a credit card that offers you the opportunity to gain cash back or rewards when you make purchases at that particular business.

by Mark Lambie
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