Stress Management Find Your Own ReliefStress Management Find Your Own Relief

Would you believe that one of the biggest contributors to your state of health is how stress free your home environment is? Those who live in stressful conditions in home or at work are much more likely to have accidents or become ill when compared to those who consider themselves to be in a non-stressful work or home environment.

Unfortunately, the modern world has created situations in both home and work that are at a higher level of stress than those of past generations. The world today runs at a much faster pace then the world even ten or twenty years ago. And it is speeding up if anything. The demands we make on ourselves are increasing, as are the expectations we have of our relationships and ourselves. Is it any surprise that Heart Attacks are a leading cause of death in the United States? What can be done to fix this?

First consider that you will actually spend more working hours at work than you will at home. Given that consider how stressful your job is and what about it makes it stressful. Once you pinpoint the causes see if you can find a way to reduce the stress level or delegate the responsibility of certain tasks that are particularly troublesome.

Stressful activities are not the only employee problem though. The fact is many feel stress simply because they do not like the job as a whole. If you do not like your job then you owe it to yourself to go about seeking other employment rather than staying at the risk of long-term health problems. Sometimes the simple act of even exploring other opportunities lessens the stress in your life. So even if you only look it is probably more beneficial to you than continuing to endure a job that you do not enjoy.

Second, consider the town or city that you live in. Is this the ideal place for you? Life is too short to live in a where you are unhappy. Yet, we all know many people who complain day in and day out about the place they live and yet they don't do anything about it. Often we make compromises about living preferences to be close to family and these are not bad decisions. The support and foundation that extended family provides is very important for our overall health and well being. However, if that is not a consideration then there is no reason one should not make a move to a happier and healthier environment.

The perfect environment for one person is not necessarily the perfect environment for another though. For some, being beside the ocean is the ultimate in tranquility while for others it is a stressful nightmare because of the hurricane risk. Make a decision that is right for you in terms of where you choose to live.

Third, consider your actual home in terms of the actual physical environment itself and also the emotional environment created by the members living within the home. Ideally both of these should be healing, peaceful and stress free.

It is always easier to fix the physical environment first. Decide to build a sanctuary in your home. A sanctuary is a place you can retreat to that resonates with positive energy. What is needed in that place depends on your own personal taste. Some may want to make it a religious sanctuary or sacred space while for others it may simply be a quiet place in nature. And do not underestimate the effect of plants and landscaping on your own individual health. Healthy plants reflect a healthy life.

Lastly, think about the emotional environment created by those who live in your home. Is it healthy, peaceful and supportive? What underlying conflicts disrupt the harmony in the home? Go about seeing that these are settled for the best interest of all.

Create an environment that you are happy with both in your personal life and in your professional life and you will appreciate the long-term benefits that result.

by Ray Kelly
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Ray Kelly is an Exercise Scientist with 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Learn some relaxation techniques at: Stress, Heart Disease, and Weight Loss Tips or

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