Ultrasonic LiposuctionUltrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction (also known as UAL- Ultrasonically Assisted Lipoplasty) is used as a complementary procedure to the commonplace tumescent liposuction. It is largely acknowledged as additional but unnecessary extra procedure when tumescent operation is undertaken. Ordinary tumescent liposuction includes injecting large volumes of adrenaline, saline solution and local anesthesia into the fat areas of the body. After swelling occurs, ultrasonic liposuction procedure takes place. UAL uses high frequency sound waves to liquefy the fat and turn it into oil , so that it is better extracted out of the body with only superficial scars left on the skin. Ultrasonic waves act upon fat cells and do not harm other cells, such as nerves, vascular or connective tissues. Ultrasonic liposuction technique offers smooth results over the skin and extracts more fat than ordinary tumescent liposuction. With ultrasonic liposuction it is possible to remove fats from difficult areas of the body such as the upper abdomen, thighs, flanks, back and hips.

To get to know the ultrasonic liposuction technique, you should first learn how an operation is done. The ordinary suction canula, used in all types of liposuction operations, is attached to an ultrasonic generator. Tumescent liquid is infused into the body and the special canula with ultrasonic probe at the end is attached to the generator. The canula breaks the skin and gets to the fat cells, which are eventually melted by the ultrasonic energy emitted from the generator. The fat is transferred into oil, which together with the injected tumescent fluid is now ready to be sucked out from the area.

Ultrasonic liposuction is not a substitution for ordinary liposuction techniques as it has a drawback that is not easy to neglect. The problem is about the external ultrasonic liposuction- a procedure that is done with an external ultrasound devise. The apparatus is the same as those used by physical therapists. This may cause some trouble as ultrasonic machines may harm the body. External ultrasonic devise should not be used over the heart, the ovaries, or over large arteries. This reduces to a large extent the possible application of external UAL- it must not be used for liposuction on breasts, male chest, female abdomen, or on the neck and chin areas.

Before jumping at an ultrasonic liposuction, you need to know whether your surgeon is aware of the risks included. You need to have all the available information about UAL devises. Of course, if it is properly performed, ultrasonic liposuction can cause little or no danger to the patient. All reputable surgeons are well aware of the negative effects that this technique may inflict on the body. What depends personally on you, is to choose your surgeon. Learn as much as possible about different doctors and choose a competent professional. Your doctor's skills can be induced from his previous success in the sphere of ultrasonic liposuction, as well as from his well-read attitude towards the topic. Ask him all about ultrasonic liposuction and carefully follow his answers. You can then consult with the website author for proper advice. Try to get in touch with his or her previous patients and tell them your worries. Perhaps they can also help you. Basically, the web site's author opinion on ultrasonic liposuction that it is primarily an additional procedure that may or may not be included in the operation. If it is included, ask yourself why: is it about money, marketing strategies, or about your health?

Remember that the main responsibility is carried by you: you are the only person in charge of your own health.

by Robbie Darmona
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