Want To Know More About A Person  Look At Their FriendsWant To Know More About A Person Look At Their Friends

Do you want to know more about the person you are dating? See who their friends are. Knowing who a person hangs around tells you so much about them. What at their values? Do they have long term stable relationships? Are all of their friends short term newly minted friendships? Does your potential mate keep you away from their friends? Answers to these questions can be green lights, or huge red flags. Let's take a look what you can find out.

First off there are many signs in just meeting their friends that can give you major clues. Take note, do they have friends? Now if they just moved into an area, cut them some slack. If they have been rooted in an area for awhile they should have some long term relationships. If they have no long term relationships, they are not likely to have a long term relationship with you. Now, if they do not introduce you to their friends, stay away, no run the other way. If a person doesn't bother to introduce you to their friends, there is a reason behind it. Chances are it isn't a positive reason.

Now, say you have met their friends. Look at their character. Do they have similar beliefs as you do. If you are against drug and alcohol abuse, make sure they feel the same way. If all of their friends are complicated, for example they lie, they have unusual criminal pasts, bizarre relationships, chances are your potential mate thinks these things are ok. We all have one or two friends that come from unusual molds and we love them for it. If all of their friends have issues, look out. Also note what their friends say about your potential mate. Are these positive things? Are they relating stories about your potential mate that you wish you never heard before? If this is the case walk away.

Now, we have gone over some red flags; failure you introduce you to their friends, short term friendships, the character of their friends, what their friends say about them. Look at these things, exam them closely. If you see a lot of red flags, examine the relationship early. Do not wait. Also, keep in mind, if your partner introduces you readily to their friends, and tries to integrate you into their lives that is a wonderful positive sign. Are their friends all people you want to be around, you may have found the right person. Friends are a wonderful barometer to judge qualities about your potential significant other.

by Stephanie Manley
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Stephanie writes many more articles at http://romancelessons.blogspot.com.

She is also the editor for CopyKat recipes - you have tried it in the restaurant, now make it at home. http://www.copykat.com.

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