3 Ways To Know If A Podcasting Expert Is The Real Deal Before Buying A Podcasting Product Or Service3 Ways To Know If A Podcasting Expert Is The Real Deal Before Buying A Podcasting Product Or Service

Many people call themselves podcasting ?experts? and it's no wonder since podcasting is still fairly new and everyone is trying to jump on the podcasting bandwagon to make tons of cash.

Sales letters are written, websites are launched and ebooks are thrown together by internet marketers who want to make a fast buck on a growing trend.

Not everyone who calls themselves an podcasting expert really is and you need to understand the ways to separate the real podcasting experts from those trying to make a fast buck.

Here are some ways to determine whether a podcasting expert is trustworthy and whether you should spend money on their podcasting product or service.

  • Ensure that podcasting ?expert? isn't just podcasting for fun. A podcasting hobbyist is only producing his or her own podcast. A podcasting evangelist is producing podcasting solutions for herself, clients and other people. Look for testimonials, case studies or a list of clients that the podcasting expert has helped. Chances are if others are saying great things about this podcasting expert, you can feel confident spending money on his or her solutions.

  • Double check that the podcasting ?expert? even has a podcast. A lot of people say they can teach you how to podcast, but don't even have a podcast of their own. How can you learn the ropes if that person hasn't done it themselves? A rule of thumb is to see if they've produced at least 15 episodes of their own podcast or someone else's. If they have, then you can heed their advice since that person has probably been through a lot of equipment - and experiences - to advise you on the best course of action.

  • Understand what the podcasting ?expert? has been doing in the podcasting industry. Aside from selling products or services on podcasting, people whose businesses rely solely on podcasting are speaking at conferences, doing interviews in the media, writing articles on the subject and developing ventures all related to podcasting. One podcasting expert has developed an online expo on podcasting. Another podcasting expert is writing a book filled with podcasting case studies. If over the last 6- to 12-months you find that 70% of the expert's activities have been focused on podcasting, you can confidently buy their product or service knowing that they are true evangelists. Plug in the expert's name into a search engine and see what pops up.

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by Leesa Barnes
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An Internet maverick with a solid technology background, Leesa Barnes helps businesses use podcasting to drive search engine traffic to their website and build profitable relationships with their customers. She is co-author of Jump Start Your Podcast and she comments on podcast optimization techniques in her blog called Podonomics. Visit http://www.leesabarnes.com and sign up to receive a free ecourse called 5 Ways a Podcast Can Boost Your Business.

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