Nuclear Energy Is The Answer To Global WarmingNuclear Energy Is The Answer To Global Warming

Many people are against Nuclear Energy, however it really is the answer to Global Warming and or Climate Change, which ever you are most apt to hang your hat on. Nevertheless some of the biggest proponents of Global Warming and signing of a World Wide Treaty such as the Kyoto Treaty say that Nuclear Energy is bad news. But why; consider it is a clean energy with no major pollution to the air and additionally it is highly efficient.

Now the biggest argument against it is obviously that the use of nuclear generation produces spent nuclear fuel with a tremendously long half life and this half life means it must be carefully stored for tens of thousands of years underground, which poses a problem seeing as we will be trusting future generations to deal with the radioactive fuel that we have already spent you see? Indeed this is a worthy comment and others say that rogue nations will use their spent fuel or enrichment to make nuclear weapons and well there you go with another issue which must be addressed.

For instance now with the Iranian Crisis and showdown; as they have promised to; Blow Israel Off the Map and continue to sponsor international terrorist organizations. Yet even with all these problems if we are truly to believe that Global Warming Exists and will change our Planet's Climate and cause chaos, destruction and cataclysmic disruptions to our human civilizations, then Nuclear Energy sure makes a lot of sense. So consider this in 2006.

by Lance Winslow
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