Video Talking The Latest Technology To Connect You To The WorldVideo Talking The Latest Technology To Connect You To The World

Every once in a while a new communications technology comes along that changes everything. I was able to see and experience this technology. So excited about its unlimited potential was I that I decided to place it on my blog and write about it as well.

Hearing someone's voice over the phone shortens the distance between callers. Video chatting closes the gap because now you can see each other as well! This new wave of communications technology brings people into each other's offices, living rooms, and their lives. Remember the old slogan, "Reach out and touch someone?" Now video chatting has taken it to the next level making it as close to reaching out and touching someone as you can get without actually being in the same room!

Catch the wave: Almost everyone has 3-way calling on their home telephone. Now the technology is available to have a video 3-way call! Today's technology features a multiparty robust live streaming audio and video web chatting platform that does not require any downloads. This breakthrough communications technology permits member-to-member communication via multiple, resizable video windows.

Users can make video windows as large as desired while sustaining exceptional audio and video quality. Incorporating easy-to-use features for a multi-party video web chat session, this technology includes multi-room and multi-user text, audio and/or video chatting.

Put yourself in the picture with streaming video email whether at work or at play.

Streaming video email: Record, save, and send is all it takes to "put yourself" in the home or office of the people in distant locations with whom you want to communicate. Now you can do so on a regular basis. Fully customizable video screens allow for branding and personalization.

Streaming video on demand: IT has been proven that visitors stay at a website 50% longer when it contains video, yet only 1% of the 50 million websites online are utilizing video! With today's technology you can create your own videos or use commercially produced videos on your website for pennies on the dollar. Enhance your website and ensure that visitors see and hear what you have to say! See and be seen in real time.

"Video email will replace text messages as the online communications mechanism. Text-based email will seem as archaic as black and white TV." - Forrester Research

Today's communications technology has such versatility that offers the latest and most extensive high-end features for the corporate-user, but is so user-friendly that the personal-user may send greetings to friends and family members with ease. Whether you are a small business owner exploring a cost-effective form of advertising or a corporate executive looking to streamline training and company communications, it time to move up to today's latest in communications technology: video chatting.

Here are some features to keep in mind:

* Add video to your website with ease. There's no need to wait on a webmaster or content upload service to update your website. Within minutes you can add video to any website. Streaming video on demand is a simple, cost effective approach to a more effective website.

* Not only see your prospect's phone number, but actually introduce yourself live and in person. When a visitor to your site has questions, they may click the connect button and you will be notified. You may then start a live video feed to them so that they may see and hear you while they ask questions over their microphone or text. What a powerful way to answer questions, share your story and above all, build that relationship. This technology extends the customer relationship marketing that is essential in business.

* If you're juggling schedules, travel, and other commitments that are making it harder for you to coordinate an upcoming meeting? Take advantage of group collaboration without the expense and hassle of travel. Conduct face-to-face interaction with a web conferencing system. Invite an unlimited number of participants to join. All participants have text chat capabilities while six participants may be visualized on the screen for audio and video participation. From all corners of the globe you may join together in one central meeting location. Share presentations, documents, desktops and other applications as if you are sitting around the same table.

* Today's communications technology is more than just one-way broadcast communication. It is true interactive communication. The web-based system eliminates the need for messy downloads or software installations. No additional hardware is required. Its meeting-quality and reasonable pricing make it a feasible solution for anyone needing to assemble a group for an interactive meeting.

* With an exclusive web meeting room available to members 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, you have a special room set up as a place where your representatives may check in, share stories, exchange strategies, bounce ideas off each other while in the comfortable atmosphere of your home or office. Talk about tele-commuting to the max! Enjoy the advantage of having a training room full of friends available whenever you need them!

* Today's communications technology: The Ultimate marketing tool! This is the first ever internet marketing system that integrates streaming video into every page. This tool is essential in enhancing customer and employee relationships that are so important in keeping a business or organization afloat. Using a combination of recorded and live video, you have the ability to get personal with your prospect. The lead capture system notifies you when you have an interested prospect.

by Etienne Gibbs
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Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW, Customer Relationship Marketing Consultant, known as The Master Blog Builder, conducts parenting management, and customer relationship training that helps small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals improve their CRM. For more information, visit

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