Find And Catch More Fish Quickly And Easily With The FISHIN BUDDY 2255Find And Catch More Fish Quickly And Easily With The FISHIN BUDDY 2255

"Wherever you like to fish'lakes, reservoirs, rivers or streams, you'll never have a fishing buddy who can spot fish as easy and as fast as a Bottom Line Fishing Buddy?."

If you are fishing primarily in lakes I recommend the Bottom Line Fishing Buddy 2255 highly - it's a reasonably priced, good quality fish finder.

It's very compact - ideal if you don't have a lot of space in a canoe or float tube, or in my case, a 15-foot fiberglass boat. It weighs just five pounds so its portable if you need to carry it, and its separate bracket clamp means it can be attached to the side of your boat, or to the dock if you are not using a boat. It doesn't matter to the Bottom Line Fishing Buddy - it just keeps finding fish.

I've had mine for a over a year now and I've used it on my boat, canoes and float tubes. The Fishing Buddy hangs down at the side of your boat and gives you a reading of the fish below you, along with information about the contour of the bottom, and the depth too. Its got a "Sidefinder" feature as well, which shows up fish up to 60 feet from the boat.

One of my favorite features is the alarm that goes off when it finds a fish - perfect if you want to close your eyes for a short sleep. Of course, the alarm can be turned off - it can get annoying if its constantly beeping as it finds fish below you.

This isn't a fish finder for deep-sea fishing - you'll need something more powerful for that - but for lake fishing I don't think you could do better.

The Bottom Line Fishing Buddy - highly recommended."

John Ballantyne

by John Ballantyne
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John Ballantyne is a keen lake fisherman who has tried a number of fish finders in the search for the ideal fishing accessories. Read more reviews at Fish Finder Review

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