Hoodia Modern Zeal Of Ancient SanHoodia Modern Zeal Of Ancient San

The long marginalized San tribe of South Africa has suddenly come to the time light. An ancient practice of chewing a plant to ward of hunger has given birth to the modern charisma called P57. The miraculous molecule found in Hoodia Gordonii acts on hunger, diminishing the appetite. The South African Bushmen named the cactus plant khoba. With the magic stick of Khoba in their hand, they are surely going to benefit financially and in terms of social repute.

The scientific and Industrial Research council (CSIR), in the year 1996 identified the presence of appetite ? suppressant in Hoodia. Efforts are or to form a working relationship between the South African saw council and the CSIR. The commercial sale of the knowledge of Hoodia and its use is likely to generate billions of dollars. The deal signed by the two parties takes into account the sharing of royalties gained by its commercial sale. This landmark is significant itself and can be a harbinger of things to come.

With the modern society, getting aware of the potential of traditional remedies new vistas could open up to explore the knowledge of ancient cures embedded in other traditional cultures. The Bushmen of South Africa or san, as they are commonly known, was a long forgotten tribe that gave an impressive come back with its wonder plant. The deal with the CSIR ensures a financial boost to the community. It is to gain 8 percent payment that will be made by its licensee.

Sans have a long history of at least 20,000 years back. The African agro- pastoralists and the European settlers marginalized them, consecutively. With almost no permanent occupations, they were as either farm laborers or new nature conservancies. Suppressed and ill ? treated for long they have at last the sense of identity or community. Their cultural and traditional identity has received consecutive jolts and they have even suffered the loss of language. At their culture the identification Hoodia Gordonii's miraculous effect have given the san society a new progressive dimension.

The effort to upgrade the tribe by the South African san Institute is commendable commenting upon the new development: SASI says it is a process of self- discovery for the san tribe). For the first time the tribe gets this feeling that it has knowledge that is important for the world to know. Their excitement has come to the forefront, but they are secretive about the use of the plant.

With the dawn of change about to announce its arrival, finally on the ancient tribe of san new things are on the way. With a cluster of multinational companies scrambling to utilize the benefits of vital P57 molecules, the competition is tremendous to have an ultimate cure for obesity.

The originator of its use will likely receive their share in it. While Hoodia Gordonii promises a remedy to obesity for others, it is likely to generate better economic condition for its host.

by Shaun Breen
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Shaun Breen http://www.hoodiadietpills.org

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