Creating A Marketing PlanCreating A Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan is where most people fall flat on their face. The Internet is such a vast place with so many different methods of advertising that it is very easy to get lost and lose focus. When that happens, marketing your resale rights package becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. Hopefully, the following tips will give you a solid road map to follow in deciding how to market your latest creation.

You first want to decide how much free and paid advertising you plan to use. If you have a set budget then you'll need to calculate what it is going to cost you for each type of paid advertising. For example, if you plan to do FFA hosting in order to send auto responders out to people who post to your FFA site, then you can plan on having to spend about $20 a month for each FFA hosting company. If you want to get any decent amount of traffic, you're going to want to host at least 10 of these companies. That's about $200 out of your budget right there.

If you decide you want to purchase leads to do a mass email marketing campaign, then you're going to need to write these ads first. If you're not good at writing ads you can do one of three things. Either you can hire somebody to write them for you, or you can buy a book that will teach you how to write ads or you can buy one of those software programs that will write the ads for you. Some of them are not too bad, though you'll never get an ad as good as one you write yourself or somebody else writes for you. In figuring this into your budget you have to figure the cost of the leads, which can run into hundreds of dollars, and also take into account if you purchase any software, books or do any outsourcing for writing. Obviously, the variables involved here make putting a price tag on this difficult to say the least, but you're probably looking at a minimum of $50 to as much as $500 to even $1000 or more.

There are many free sources of advertising which can be very effective if done correctly, such as safelist advertising, traffic exchanges, or what are known as surf sites, classified ads sites and message boards, just to name a few.

The good thing about free advertising is that it is free. It can also be very time consuming. Surfing traffic exchanges can take hours out of your day alone. Submitting to safelists, unless you are using a mass submitter, can also be time consuming if you want to submit to multiple lists in a day. And most safelist submitters are not free, so that is an additional cost. For classified sites, there are thousands of them on the Internet and each one has to be visited individually. This can take a day alone to hit just a fraction of the sites out there.

One thing you want to do when creating your marketing plan is to use an ad tracker for each ad you place. This way you will know exactly which methods are working and which ones are producing no results. The ones that are not working you can eliminate and the ones that are working you can then spend more time on. It is a trial and error process that even the best marketers have to go through.

By following the above tips, you'll give yourself the best chance of putting together a marketing plan that is not only cost effective, but one that works as well.

by Ken Mathie
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