Dog Lovers Today Redefine The Phrase Creature ComfortsDog Lovers Today Redefine The Phrase Creature Comforts

Dog Clothes today, whether for fashion or function, not only is it the latest fashion industry phenomena, but also becoming extremely popular with folks that share their lives with dogs.

The rise in the popularity of dog clothing, not only driven by celebrities like Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton and a host of others basking in the limelight, showcasing their pets to the paparazzi, much the same way as the affluent mothers of well dressed children of years gone by, but by the functionality and protection it provides for our pals.

Critics may balk at the current dog apparel popularity, however, the fact remains dog clothing whether cute or not may be very beneficial for your pampered pet.

Regardless of what drives the dog designer clothing and apparel industry, the holidays, especially Halloween or The Christmas Holiday season grant the opportunity for dog enthusiasts to pour on the doggie couture. Not only is it fun for the pet owner, even the experts agree the pampering of your pet dog can contribute to a feeling of well being for your pooch! (What dog doesn't love attention)?

Dog lovers today redefine the phrase "creature comforts". Dog owners now have a large selection of pet clothing options, obviously driven by market demand, that were not available years ago, thus allowing many more choices in functional fashion to protect there pets from the elements and keep their pets warm, dry and stylish. Even though the trend in pet fashion tends to lean toward smaller dog breeds. Many dog-clothing designers now make pet apparel for larger dogs too.

The domestication of dogs and the use of dog clothing are parallel. In modern times we have embraced our animals to the point of making them members of our family, and rightfully so! Our dogs provide us with unconditional love and in some cases protection and even a constantly vigilant alarm system, in exchange for food and shelter.

Modern dogs do not have to endure the ravages of nature as they did back in the days of wolf packs or even colonial times, our pet dogs have become accustom to the same climate controlled environment we enjoy.

Even the professionals agree that because domesticated dogs physiology has evolved and adjusted to human environmental standards, they need extra protection from the cold as much as their human counterparts. This applies especially to popular smaller 'lap dogs? and the 'teacup? breeds with fine coats need the protection from the colder temperatures, particularly the vernable under belly of the dog.

For this very reason a well made small dog coat like Fido Fleece by Premier Pet or Doggles brand of DOGG Klothes Fleece Warm Ups, or even to as lesser degree dog T- shirts, will protect your buddy's body and hold internal temperatures at normal levels keeping your dog warm and toasty and less vernerable to maladies associated with hypothermia.

Most smaller dog breeds like Miniature Pinchers, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians and most popular 'teacups?, have a tendency to lose their body heat quickly and really benefit from dog clothes and protective cold weather dog coats much like we do.

Like dog clothing, another item gaining popularity, doggie Booties or Dog Boots.

Most major metropolitan areas utilize a wide variety of caustic sodium, (salt based chemicals), as a de-icing agent, that are classed as Hazardous, And Corrosive chemicals that can actually burn your dogs paw pads and cause serious irritation or injury.

Dog Booties can help to alleviate this problem.

The newer dog boots like Fido Fleece? Dog Booties are cost effective, designed for ease of use, durable, waterproof and stay on!

In conclusion, you dog clothes critics out there can go bark up another tree! Dog designer fashion and clothing for dogs is growing at a phenomenal pace and will be around for a long time.

For us proponents and dog lovers in general, not only buying dog clothes for you best pal can be fun and can dress your dog up in the latest dog fashions, dog clothing and accessories such as dog boots can be very beneficial to the mental and physical well being of your pet. So have fun and don't through doggie out with the bath water! Take advantage of this great era we share with man's best friend, go ahead spoil them!

by David Joel
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David Joel, Webmaster for and his wife operate a privately funded dog rescue mission in rural South Carolina, currently have eight dogs in their charge and avidly support

All eight dogs have become their extended family members and share in the benefits of proceeds realized from the sale of dog clothes, dog coats and pet accessories at, Warm Dog Clothes, Designer Dog Clothes - Dog Coats, Small dog clothing and Pet Apparel by Kool Dog

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