Copywriting Secret Found In Ancient Religious Texts Makes Your Copy Almost Impossible To IgnoreCopywriting Secret Found In Ancient Religious Texts Makes Your Copy Almost Impossible To Ignore

If you want to know how you can inject a lot of attention-grabbing drama into all your sales letters...and make your copy all but impossible to ignore...then here's how the story-tellers did it thousands of years ago. And why you should use their tactics in your ads today.

Listen to this: To give your copy an immense sense of drama all you have to do is constantly give the "extremes" when painting a "before and after" picture of your product.

For example, let's say you're creating an ad to sell a way to quickly and easily gain muscle on your body. In this case -- and you can do this with almost anything you sell -- you'd give the extremes of a really skinny guy getting huge. Not the average guy getting huge. But the almost sickly, skinny guy.

In this case, you would describe the "before" person with words and phrases such as, "looked like a piece of chalk", "as skinny as an anorexic on meth", "those skeleton arms", "that caved-in chest", "the kind of guy the girls used to laugh at when he took his shirt off at the beach", etc.

One reason this works so well is because the guy reading it probably isn't as skinny as you're describing. And so, he figures, if even subconsciously, ?hey, if this guy can put on the beef, I should have no problem doing it.?

Another reason why this tactic works -- which is on more of a deeper level -- is because when you paint a dramatic picture of the "before" and then contrast it with the powerful "after" claims, you give your copy sort of an epic, "good versus evil" effect.

If you read any of the ancient stories (and especially religious texts) that have been around for thousands of years, you will see this sort of "heaven and hell" effect routinely used.

And you want to know something?

This is the essence of the kind of drama people not only love to read and respond to in the books and movies...but in ad copy, too. It may not always be as "cut and dry" as the example above, but with a little bit of effort and thought, you should be able to work this concept into most any ad, selling most any kind of product or service.

by Ben Settle
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