CAN SPAM ACT SPAM Reduction There Goes The FTC Tooting Their Own Horn AgainCAN SPAM ACT SPAM Reduction There Goes The FTC Tooting Their Own Horn Again

In my opinion the Federal Trade Commission is a complete waste of money. For them to say that there little bureaucratic effort reduced SPAM is a silly notion indeed. That little pathetic agency could not sue their way out of a paper box filled with their own press releases to the media to save their next year's budget.

Indeed it appears their press releases are written on toilet paper these days as they spew their crap across the Internet? That worthless and disgusting agency must need an arm brace every year from injury, as they are so busy patting them selves on the back. I can see the circle jerks now lined up in a circle of law school low performing lawyers who could not make it in the real world, patting each other on the back for their great work in the CAN SPAM Act. When the facts are it was free enterprise and people like Bill Gates and the other great companies who helped figure out how to curb the growth of SPAM. Free Enterprise? Ever heard of it at the FTC? Apparently not!

The Federal Trade Commission is a complete waste of taxpayer's money and a bizarre excuse for an agency associated with the Justice Department. They make the DOJ looks stupid and incompetent. In my opinion some needs to put forth a bill to reduce the FTC's budget by half this year and half next year and then another half of what's left the year after and close that ridiculous fa?ade of an agency before they do any more misrepresentation on consumers. Think on it, this is your government at work?

by Lance Winslow
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