Truth Vs Honesty And My Battle With Religion Before My NeoTech DiscoveryTruth Vs Honesty And My Battle With Religion Before My NeoTech Discovery

I was five years old, sitting on my fathers lap. He was teaching me to read. English and also Hebrew. I remember his lesson on ?emes?, Hebrew for 'truth?.

Being 5, I had no conceptual difference between truth and honesty. What I learned that day was the secret of living free, and very much in line with what I would find in the Neo-Tech Discovery again years later.

Think of Neo-Tech as ?fully integrated honesty? and by the time you finish reading this article you will understand it's power.

That lesson about 'truth? touched me, it exhilarated me, I understood at that moment consciously what the power was that I had that I could feel. I remember the lesson clearly.

Honesty is the source of that power.

It was also around this age I snuck down stairs early one morning on the Sabbath to watch TV.

Dad caught me...

Following that I strongly took on the belief that god literally requested certain disciplines of me, as it was this dishonest (secretive disobedience) that I had the experience of relating ?going against god? with dishonesty, where I felt my actions as wrong, and so this was now strongly linked to ?obeying God?.

That is, being honest literally to me meant obeying god's will.

Being dishonest meant going against god's will.

What happened to me in-between 5 and 16 will someday make a bibliography helpful to many people.

In brief: My father being Jewish, he raised me as such, I read many stories of great men, kind, knowledgeable, godly men. I moved on to reading Jewish ethics and philosophy... two books that come to mind are ?Crossing the Narrow Bridge?, and ?Strive for Truth?.

But by 12 years old, they no longer were satisfying. I had held questions in my mind, some I had asked, but satisfying answers often did not come.

This splinter in my mind, the distinction between trying to figure out reality, and the inadequacies of the only philosophical ideas that I had, pushed me away from Judaism, and I started to read other philosophy books, at 12 years old! using my own curious judgment of whether something made sense or not.

It was at 12 years old that I believe I made the Neo-Tech Discovery for my self.

I remember my first conscious act of blatant dishonesty, my first conscious lie; my first conscious rationalization. I was about 8 or 9. I had stolen a pack of sweets from a shop that I had been in with my father. He found them when we were home later that day, and he asked where had I got them?

It was a little while prior to this, that I learned the difference between truth and honesty. I had read in one of the Jewish works, that a righteous man was permitted to lie, because they understood the realm of god, thus were allowed to cover up and bend the truth.

That didn't sit right; my view of man became tainted, and the wedge was formed at that moment between my honest free self, possessing the secret of honest open living, and me falling into the anticivilisation milieu of rationalization, 'truth?, and 'lying to survive?, which somehow I think led to me justifying to myself taking the sweets.

...Standing before my father, I weighed the options, I introspected with thoughts of, ?am I righteous enough to lie? and, ?honesty is what I know makes me feel good all over?.

I was going to say ?yes, I had stolen the sweets?, but I remembered that I had read that the righteous man, knowing the realm of god, his lies were really truthful.

?I always tell the truth... even when I lie?. - Al Pacino, Scarface.

So I said, ?no, I had not stolen the sweets, I had been given them at school?.

I lied very few times during my childhood experience, yet the wedge separating my experience in reality with my mental thoughts of self-protection and thus my insight between honesty / dishonesty was obviously there.

I stopped fitting in with my peers after age 10. My peers seemed to become thoroughly dishonest, narrow minded, concerned with football and the like; I wasn't interested, I had started to lose my belief in God, and I had started to lose my honest and free mind, being sucked into the anticivilisation.

I was isolated even from myself, I didn't feel good anymore, I lost my simple feeling of inner warmth (and a constant presence of satisfying vibration).

With age 15 being the most painful and soul-searching year of my life, at age 16 I was able to reject Judaism, the religion of my father's side of the family, and even the God Concept (which also included Christianity and Transcendental Meditation from my mothers side).

I was removed from the security of belief in God, and I was removed from the very close, unique relationship I had had with my father.

I was alone, yet unafraid, for the first time since I could remember from that early childhood state.

But this was to lead to my Neo-Tech Discovery some time later.

As a young man, sitting in my cold bedroom, alone, isolated. I turned the front cover of a new book for me to absorb; a huge dusty old manuscript, which began the rediscovery of keys that I had lost.

What I learned that day would serve me for years right up until today in supplying magic codes for unlocking that childhood secret of living free in honesty. I felt exhilarated again, unlike I had since being 10 years old. I remember that day of ?Discovery? clearly.

?The Child of the past exists in every adult. Lost within faded memories, that child keeps searching for a life of adventure, discovery, value and happiness. The Neo-Tech concepts let the reader turn inward to discover that child...? - Neo-Tech Advantage #2, from that dusty old manuscript.

I think that I held onto the free and honest mind until much much later in life than most and then to a greater degree than most, as was my conscious observation at the time, which itself created a lot of pain; baring witness to the superficial non-reality of my peers and surrounding adults words.

I retained strong compulsion to honesty, pursuit of reality, and a deep motivational drive to achieve and learn. I felt that I had kept certain characteristics from my childhood: the connection with honesty and the resultant beautiful experience, and also the power that a free and honest mind has in the playground.

But I had lost a lot, in particular, my care-free and larger-than-life experiences.

As I said above, I was sitting in my cold bedroom, alone, isolated. I turned the front cover of this large manuscript.

What I learned that day was the key to regaining that childhood secret of living free. I felt exhilarated again, like we all do in early childhood. I remember that day of re-discovery clearly.?

Once again, I had been presented only the second time ever, with The Key Choice of honesty or dishonesty.

by Nathan F Shaw
References and Bibliography

Currently touring Thailand whilst writing and coaching, Nathan Shaw has a 12 page Life's Missing Principles Handbook available free.

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