Relationship Coaching For Couples The WE In ITOWERelationship Coaching For Couples The WE In ITOWE

This is a description of Couples coaching. In the article I will explain what the ?WE? represents and the three stages of Couples coaching. I will discuss some of the issues and problems Couples face like communication as they embark on their journey from ?I-TO-WE.?

The? WE? represents the couple,
whether pre-committed or married.
I work with couples to help them co-create
a safe and honest space that is
respected, nurturing and overflowing with the
gift of giving each other extraordinary care.

This is where the partners learn:
How to build trust between them and enjoy true intimacy.
How to be present for one another, listen and appreciate each other.
How to give of themselves instead of expecting to receive.
How to turn selfish demands into respectful requests.
How to resolve problems and conflicts by having
calm, safe, honest and loving conversation.

It is within a space that is consciously co-created where
partners meet each other's needs enthusiastically and
enjoy a sense of fulfillment, peace and unconditionally love.

When they have successfully traveled the journey
from ?I-TO-WE?, partners are able to live their life with their:

"Best Friend during the Day
Lover at Night, and
Partner for Life. ?

Wouldn't we all want to spend every day knowing we are with our best friend and partner for life? Call me an optimist or a dreamer but I believe deep in my soul that anything is possible if we give of ourselves, dedicate ourselves to learning and growing, accept radical personal responsibility for our feelings, actions and decisions, and ultimately reach out and touch the soul of the one we love.

Isn't it a shame how we can conjure up so many problems in our interpersonal relationships with an endless supply of issues to choose from. One of the problems most of us have is that we have been so conditioned to expect immediate gratification that when we don't get what we want, we are immediately disappointed. Disappointment leads to negative emotions that are often projected onto one's partner.

Many couples feel hopeless and powerless after countless negative interactions and repeated disappointments. They are aware of the growing distance between them but uncertain of how to break the negative patterns and replace them with healthier, more fulfilling ones. Please read my special report ?The Cycle of Conflict in Relationships? to understand how the cycle plays out.

I wrote the Questions of ?WE? for couples to help them gain awareness of the different aspects to relationships and see if they need to give some special attention to areas they feel need addressing.

There are 3 stages a couple goes through in their relationship journey together. They are:

The Pre-Commitment Stage
The Pre-Commitment Stage is when your relationship becomes exclusive with the goal of determining if the relationship is a good long-term choice. Making a good long-term choice requires clarity about who you are, what you want, and experiencing that you can get what you really want in this relationship.

The Committed Couples Stage
My definition of a committed couple is a couple where both partners have made a decision to spend the rest of their lives together. They are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure the success of the relationship. They may be engaged, married or simply have made a conscious decision to be partners for life.

The Bliss Couples Stage
My definition of a bliss committed relationship is an established, functional relationship where the couple experiences a deepening of their emotional intimacy, trust and connection. They are in love, conscious of the importance of the relationship space and willing to give 100% of themselves to acquire the skill and tools, to ensure that they grow and learn together for the rest of their lives.

So, Are you ready to be:

"Best Friends during the Day
Lovers at Night and
Partners for Life? ?

Glenn Cohen
??I-TO-WE? Relationship Coaching? /

by Glenn Cohen
References and Bibliography

I offer Free Quizzes, e-Programs; Special Reports, Newsletter and Free 30 minute Coaching Sessions. The Programs Page will list the special 5-session introductory programs I offer for all 6 Stages of Relationships. If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Me Please visit my website at to see how I help Individuals, Singles and Couples to find and keep their Best Friend during the Day, Lover at Night and Partner for Life.

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