Not All Gas Credit Cards Are The SameNot All Gas Credit Cards Are The Same

If you are feeling a bit strapped for cash at the pump these days, applying for a gas card that offers a rebate probably sounds very appealing. I mean, how do you say no to earning free gas? Well, before you click submit on that application make sure you have considered your options.

First of all, consider the obvious. You want to find a card that offers no annual fee. Otherwise, any rebates you earn will be eaten up with this fee that could be as high as $100 or more per year. The next thing to consider is the APR. Most cards will offer an introductory rate of 0% for 6 or 12 months. This is great, at first, but after the specified time frame, be sure you know what the new rate will be. If it is not acceptable, you may have to consider transferring your balance to a new card.

Many gas rebate cards have their limits. Examples of limited cards are cards from Chevron, Shell, Mobil, Exxon, etc. They may have some great rates or special offers but you will always be limited to purchasing from their stations.

One great perk of newer gas cards on the market is the flexibility to earn rebates and get great rates while having the option of purchasing gas anywhere you want. One of these cards that comes highly recommended is the Chase PerfectCard that allows you to earn rebates on all gas purchases, no matter where you choose to purchase it. If you are looking for a card that primarily rewards you with gas rebates, this is a great choice.

Another great option that offers freedom in purchasing is the Chase Cash Plus Rewards Visa which gives you FIVE times the rewards for every $1 you spend on gas or just about anything. With this card, you can earn points which can be redeemed for cash back checks or gift certificates. So, if you need a card to charge your gas purchases but earning free gas is not your main concern, this is a good option as it allows you to choose your rewards.

Some cards will offer you full rebates up to 10% on gas purchases when purchased in specific locations which may be very appealing, but be sure to read the fine print. Most of these offers will only be introductory and after 90 days or so, the rebate may drop to 5% or less. This can still be beneficial as 5% is pretty good. It is just important to know what you are getting into so there will be no surprises later.

Lastly, if you are looking for a card that truly rewards you with FREE GAS, then you would want to take a look at the Marathon Platinum MasterCard from Chase. This card gives you automatic rebates towards FREE Marathon Gas every time you use your card. You can buy anything, anywhere and you will be rewarded with FREE GAS. There are many gas cards available on the market today. Each of them have their benefits but always make sure that you read each offer completely to be certain that the card you choose will truly meet your needs.

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by Jacie Caballero
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