Three Tips On Where To Get A Pop Up BlockerThree Tips On Where To Get A Pop Up Blocker

Where can you go to get a pop up blocker for your computer? If you are like me, then there is little you find more annoying than logging on to the internet only to be bombarded with pop up ads. They are annoying and worse than that, they are dangerous for your computer. Pop up ads can cause viruses or put spyware into your computer without your knowledge. So, in order to cut down on or, hopefully, completely rid yourself of pop up ads, it is advisable to get yourself a good pop up blocker. When you go to get your pop up blocker, you should check online, in your local computer store, and with friends or family to get the best results.

The first place, ideally, to look for a pop up blocker is online. There are many legitimate free download sites that offer pop up blockers. Generally, you can download them directly from the site and have them working in no time. If, like me, you are a little bit paranoid about any download, then some of the companies will even send you a CD. If you go that route, though, just bare in mind that you will likely have to wait a week or two to get your pop up blocker. As you peruse the internet for your pop up blocker, though, be careful that you only download what you know. Make sure it is a legitimate site from which you are downloading and that the pop up blocker is a legit.

The second place to get a pop up blocker is off the shelf of your local computer store. Many of the software programs you have or put on your computer, especially internet browsers, already have a pop up blocker. However, you can buy other pop up blockers off of the shelf at your local computer store. Go in, speak with a sales consultant, and find out which one will work best for you. It is often said that you get what you pay for, and sometimes pop up blockers are that way, so buying one at the store can prove to be a worthwhile investment over a free one off the internet.

The third thing to do as you look for a pop up blocker to improve your computer is to talk with friends and family. Word of mouth is a powerful consumer report, so talk to people you know who have downloaded blockers, bought them, or are just using the ones that came with their existing software. You will quickly find out what is worth your time and money and which is not. Asking around is a great idea so that you can make the most of your money.

Pop up blockers are almost a necessity anymore. You likely do not enjoy or want to read the pop ups that litter your browser every time you find your way to the wrong internet site. Instead, you want to be able to browse the internet with speed and with peace of mind that you aren't getting bombed with the viruses and spyware that can be associated with those pop ups. So check out the internet, browse your local computer store, and check out what your friends and family have to say to get yourself the perfect pop up blocker for you.

by Christopher Luck
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