Lie Of The Ice WaterLie Of The Ice Water

The lady crashed through the surface of the ice. She landed in the ice water. It felt so cold. She shivered wildly. In her hopes of getting out she quickly looked around.

There he was walking across the frozen surface of the pond. Looking at him, she yelled, "Help!"

He turned and saw her. He started walking towards her.

She just kept on thrashing her arms around wildly and screaming, "Help!"

He went over to one side of her. He asked, "What are you doing?" She jittered and shivered while she answered, "What does it look like? I fell through the ice and need help getting out."

He leaned his head forward towards her and then said, "It's really very simple. I see that you're not underwater. You're standing on top of it...

You are standing there swinging your arms around through the air. You've believed something that is not true.

To see what's really going on you must stop believing the lie..." After he told her how to get out of the situation, he kept standing there watching her, and waiting.

He told her again, "Believe what I say! You don't have to feel the way that you do right now!"

She just kept standing on the ice, thrashing her arms around like she was cold and treading water.

He kept standing there waiting for her to believe him...

It is this way with God too. He sees the reality of where we're at and what we're doing. He knows our thoughts and intentions. He knows whether or not we really believe what He says over what we see or hear around us.

Very Important!
If we really listened and believed God then there wouldn't be garbage (ice water) surrounding us!

We might be so familiar in what we think is going on around us that we're not even listening to God. He tells us repeatedly how to have even better circumstances than we have right now!

Yes, God is incredibly patient with us. We can ask God for help getting out of the garbage (ice water) and He does it. He told us that we are to ask Him and believe that we are getting what we ask for and we do get it (Mark 11:24).

Sooner or later we have to realize the truth. God is helping us while we're actually believing a lie and standing on top of the problem!

Make sure that you're catching the truth by reading the word of God (your Bible) everyday! No matter how deep you think you are, you're really not! With God all things are possible (Mark 10:27) -and He Loves You Now!!

Sharing His Love, -Michelle Jacobson

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by Michelle Jacobson
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