Finding A Quality Hotel In MexicoFinding A Quality Hotel In Mexico

Mexico: The Land of Beautiful Beaches and Margaritas

Mexico is one of the most visited places in the world. With its warm hospitality, all inclusive resorts and great weather, it's easy to see why. But, there are a million choices. If you've never been, (or even if you have), how do you select the ideal hotel in Mexico for your specific needs? Plus, how do you ensure you will receive the level of quality that you're expecting? As in many developing countries, there is a whole range of different properties to choose from, some of which can be limited in terms of modern conveniences they provide. But then again, this may be exactly what you're looking for! Regardless, here are some tips on how to find a quality hotel in Mexico and advice on how you can ensure you are prepared as you search for that perfect Mexico vacation getaway.

Doing it Right: The Hotel Selection Process

Amenities, Price and Location. Those are the three most important considerations as you plan your trip to Mexico and book your hotel. And if you can plan far ahead, it just makes things that much easier. So where do you start?

The Internet: Using online travel reservation services to compare hotel amenities, prices and check reviews.

  • If you have a certain hotel chain that you prefer, such as Marriott, check their website first for specials and discount rates. The top hotels will guarantee their rates as the lowest available. This gives you the security of knowing that you are getting the best price and are booking through a reputable source.
  • Many hotels will offer vacation package deals which bundle your room with meals and other hotel amenities. Depending on your needs, this can be a great way to increase convenience and save some money.
  • Check out property pictures, maps, and video clips from hotel websites.
  • Find out how other travelers reviewed the property. This information can be found at various websites, such as offer this.
  • Check The Mexico Hotel Guide, TravelWeb, and PlacestoStay all of which have lots of independent hotel information.

Don't Pay Too Much! Look for the deals.

  • If you have some flexibility, determine if they offer lower mid-week rates.
  • A good way to find local hotels is to read travel bulletin boards and look for recommendations made by other travelers, such as those made on

Hotel Specific Issues

  • How is their customer service history? Have they received positive ratings from independent organizations?
  • If the hotel is part of an international franchise, find out how the chain rates this property within their organization.
  • Is the hotel located in a safe part of the city or area?
  • Is any major construction going on in the area that could impact your stay?
  • Will there be any large groups at the Hotel during the time you want to go?
  • Do they have a concierge, shuttle, laundry service or other extra service?
  • Is one side of the hotel better than the other?
  • Is public transportation located close by?
  • What types of restaurants to they offer?
  • Is there a fitness and aerobics room?
  • What are the local attractions?
  • Is this a new hotel or have they gone through a recent remodel?
  • What is their cancellation policy?
  • Do they offer smoking/nonsmoking rooms?
  • Do they have agreements with airlines, rental car or other partners? You could benefit.
  • Is the airport close to the hotel's location?

Other General Recommendations

  • Be flexible if it's feasible for you. The hotel sets their prices by supply and demand, so it helps to know when the peak season is. If you don't know when the best rates are, just ask them.

  • Frequent customers of chain hotels can register on the hotel's web site to save time and effort. By doing this, your hotel room preferences will be automatically included when you reserve your room.

  • By calling the hotel directly, rather than the chains 800 number, you might get a room at the last minute, or during peak travel times. The front desk at the hotel are more hands on when it comes to the hotel's capacity and can check for cancellations or no-shows.

So there you have it, the best advice to finding your perfect Mexico hotel! Keep in mind; there are many great hotels in all areas of Mexico. From Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, there are plenty of reputable hotels that you will want to return to again and again. If worse comes to worse, use a reputable travel agent to help you find a great hotel. They can remove the uncertainty when it comes to selecting high quality accommodations.

Finally, enjoy your stay! Mexico awaits!

by Mike Goldstein
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This article was written by Jon Wuebben. Jon writes select pieces about travel in Mexico for the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort. -

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