Health Insurance For DiabeticsHealth Insurance For Diabetics

Recently, I've had a lot of requests for an alternative to health insurance for diabetics. The case of one gentleman, in particular, has lingered on my mind.

The man who I will refer to as "Bob" has what is called Type II, or Late Onset Diabetes. My own dad has this condition as well, so I am aware of the tremendous health struggles and monetary cost that can come as a result.

One fortunate thing for Daddy is that he was well covered with health insurance long before he became ill. Bob was not so lucky. He had no type of coverage at all when he received the surprise diagnosis of diabetes.

Do you know that once a doctor has made a chart note, or included a lab result in your chart, suggesting that your blood sugar is high (or that you are "pre-diabetic") your odds of being able to obtain a reasonably priced health insurance plan plummet?

That was the case with Bob, who had been "getting by" paying for his glucose meter, testing strips, and diabetic supplies out of his own pocket. This had been a burden on Bob's bank account, which was in its own state of recovery following a divorce, but he was getting back on his feet in mid January.

When I mentioned an alternative to health insurance for diabetics, Bob was relieved and thrilled, and asked me to give him a call on pay day so that he could get started. The great news about these alternatives is that they cover all ongoing medical problems, even if the doctor has written a definite diagnosis in the chart.

Sadly, when I reached Bob on his cell phone, Bob was not in a position to talk long. He had been at Bible Study the previous evening when he'd gone into insulin shock. The men in his group had responded quickly and Bob had been taken to the hospital, where he expected to remain for 2 to 3 more days to recover.

I can only imagine what the EMT, hospital, and doctor charges will add up to for such an emergency. It breaks my heart to know that because he narrowly missed getting signed up for an alternative to health insurance for diabetics, Bob will be paying the entire amount out of his own pocket.

It especially concerns me to know that there are so many diabetics (and undiagnosed folks who have the condition and may suddenly experience diabetic symptoms) who have no coverage.

Not only does diabetes require testing supplies, possible prescription medication and/or insulin; it comes with the threat of emergency hospital admission for something like insulin shock. Worse yet ... diabetes brings with it a whole host of possible serious health consequences.

My own dad has suffered numerous complications of his diabetes, even though he and my mother took the condition seriously from the beginning and altered his lifestyle accordingly. I shudder to think what would have become of my parents when my dad began having strokes, if they had not been covered with health insurance prior to his diabetes diagnosis.

You see, even if a person is able to get insurance coverage for diabetics after they are diagnosed with the condition, a traditional insurance company will generally have a lengthy waiting period before they will pay anything for diabetes treatment OR for other conditions which they can cite as possibly related to or caused by the diabetes.

If in reading the diabetes information I've provided on my website, you think that you or someone you love is at risk for having or getting diabetes, I urge you to make certain you or they have or obtain health insurance today.

I understand that many of us would have a difficult time paying for traditional health insurance - especially on short notice - however that truly would be your best course of action.

If traditional insurance coverage is out of reach, the next best option is to sign up for an inexpensive health discount program. These plans provide appreciable discounts on care associated with diabetes.

Additionally, at least one of the discount programs provides a hospital advocate to each member so that any costs over $2,500 are negotiated down to wholesale, and payment arrangements are worked out.

If you or someone you love has already been diagnosed with diabetes, it is all the more important to obtain health insurance immediately. While it may not pay toward anything related to the diabetes until a waiting period has passed, at least that waiting period could be going by now, making coverage available should any complications occur in the future.

The American Diabetes Association website ( has all sorts of great resources for diabetics. There you will find a state-by-state listing of insurance available to those who qualify as being in the individual state "risk pools".

The insurance available through your state, if you qualify, can be a lifesaver in the case of extremely costly diabetes related situations. The down side is that the deductible of these insurance plans can run in the thousands of dollars. One woman recently told me that her sister's plan in Illinois has a $5,000 deductible.

If possible, then, it would also be advisable to have a health discount program in addition to these state plans. The program would provide discounts on usual care and supplies for diabetes during the time before the deductible amount is met.

Don't underestimate the seriousness of diabetes, and don't put off the investigation of your options for health insurance for diabetics. If you find that insurance will not work for you, check into the new health discount plans which accept pre-existing conditions.

by Beverly Van Engelen Brett
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If you think you have the symptoms of diabetes, or if you have been looking for health insurance for diabetics; call me at 1-877-375-8494, or send your request for a complimentary brochure to Bev Van Engelen Brett has over 17 years experience working with patients as a health care technician, and now specializes in helping people obtain quality health and dental care at significant discounts. Visit her website for details. If you wish to publish this article, it must be published in it's entirety along with active links and this resource box.

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