The Latest High Dose Fish Oil NewsThe Latest High Dose Fish Oil News

The evidence seems to be increasing at a faster pace regarding the purported benefits of high dose fish oil supplementation. There have have been many studies done previously, and many studies being conducted now, which appear to support the claims that large doses of fish oil may be very good for your overall health. The key is the long chain omega-3 fatty acids epa and dha, of course.

While some other foods such as eggs and flaxseed oil have some omega-3's, it is widely agreed that the levels, as well as the availability to the body, of these fatty acids in fish and fish oil suggest this to be the superior source of the vital nutrients. Of course doctors have known for quite some time about it's benefits, the previous versions (cod liver oil and health food grade fish oil) were considered by many to be unsafe due to their relatively high mercury and pcb levels.

While some researchers point out that individuals who injest sizeable amounts of marine oils, like the Japanese and certain Mediterrean cultures, for instance, tend to live longer, there are numerous specific case studies to draw upon that draw a clearer picture.

For example, under well-controlled laboratory and dietary conditions fatty acid intake can have profound effects on animal models of autoimmune disease.

In addition, taking fish oil regularly might even help reduce several of the symptoms associated with the condition, according to BBC Health. There have also been numerous specific cases reported in the media. One story reported that Governor Shwarzennager is a proponent of fish oil and always has some in his medicine cabinet. Another instance involves Randall McCloy Jr., the lone surviving miner from the Sago mine disaster, has returned home. When rescued from the Sago mine about 4 months ago, he had brain failure, heart failure, kidney failure as well as liver failure. His outlook obviously looked somewhat bleak.

He was then transferred to one of the thirty-odd brain trauma centers that are located in the U.S. to be under the care of Dr. Julian Bailes. Dr. Bailes then contacted Dr. Barry Sears, one of the top authorities regarding fish oil in the world. Dr. Sears then suggested administering some thirty gms. each day of the fish oil concentrate he developed called OmegaRx.

Now the damage to his heart, kidneys, and liver has been reversed, and he is at home with his family. Dr. Bailes believes was substantially aided by the fish oil.

"I certainly think it played a big role," Bailes said. "How can he rebuild his brain, if he doesn't have the substrate to do it?"

by Ryan Joseph
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Ryan Joseph is a writer and Researcher. More fish oil information can be found at: Omega 3 Fish Oil Research News

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