Prostate Cancer  What Every Man Needs To KnowProstate Cancer What Every Man Needs To Know

What Is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in men. Prostate cancer is often found in elder men and the risk of prostate cancer increases with age. It occurs mostly among the male population of 50 years and above. In prostate cancer, cancerous cells are primary formed in the prostate that then gets transferred to other cells through the process of metastasis. Prostate cancer spreads to other parts of your body like bones.

Causes of Prostate Cancer:

Scientists still do not know the exact cause behind prostate cancer. No one knows why some people suffer with prostate cancer while others do not. Clinical researchers and scientists are working hard to find the answer of this basic question. However they are optimistic to come out with a ?prostate cancer cause? report very soon.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms:

There are no definite prostate cancer symptoms that can be easily noticed by the patients. Prostate cancer does not show any cancer symptom or sign at the initial stage. However, few prostate cancer symptoms have been identified by the National Cancer Institute.

These specific prostate cancer symptoms are given below:

1) Frequent urination.
2) An interrupted or weak urine flow.
3) Trouble while urination.
4) Sensation of pain while ejaculation.
5) Inability to urinate.
6) Burning sensation or pain during urination.
7) Blood in the urine or in the semen.
8) Stiffness or frequent pain in the upper thighs, lower back or hips.

These symptoms are however, not specific for prostate cancer. Therefore if you experience any of these symptoms, don't panic- just consult a doctor. Prostate cancer treatment: Treatment of prostate cancer depends upon factors such as the location of the tumor, general health condition of the patient, age of the patient and size of the tumor. Prostate cancer can be treated with help of following treatment methods.

1) Surgical castration by orchidectomy: the cheapest and simplest prostate cancer treatment is orchidectomy. The only disadvantage is a psychological effect of the loss of testicles.

2) Prostate cancer can be treated with the help of oestrogen hormone and LHRH-analogues. This is a "medical castration." This prostate cancer treatment is very expensive. Oestrogen can be taken orally but oestrogen prostate cancer treatment can give rise to thrombotic complications.

3) Hormone therapy can also be used as prostate cancer cure.

4) The chemical found in black pepper, which causes the tongue to burn, sweat to pour out and eyes to water commonly called as capsaicin is thought to be helpful in prostate cancer cure. US researchers have found that capsaicin can cause human cancer cells to kill themselves. This study is guiding to the way for a new prostate cancer cure.

5) Radiotherapy can also be used for prostate cancer cure. Radiotherapy just destroys cancer cells by radiation. The method is absolutely painless. But treatment of prostate cancer with the help of radiotherapy can cause some side effects like impotence and diarrhea.

6) Brachytherapy can also be applied to cure prostate cancer. Here radioactive elements inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.

by Tyson J Stevenson
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