Progesterone Cream Tips For Proper UsageProgesterone Cream Tips For Proper Usage

Instead of applying the progesterone cream directly, it can be used along with a moisturizing lotion. Lotions containing aloe vera oil usually work well and are easy to apply. After application, the medicine will be sent directly to the part where it is required.

Overdose of this cream can cause hyperactive senses and less dosage after the body gets used to a certain amount can lead to acute depression. It is very important to use the cream cautiously.

The cream should be applied at a particular time in a day. A physician, based on the tests, will have to decide when the best time is. The cream can be mixed with a small amount of moisturizer and massaged in circular motions till the cream is completely absorbed into the skin. The best places to apply the cream are where the skin would be soft to allow for easy absorption. Such areas of the body include the breasts, hands, inner thighs, and palms. Usually, the cream is applied twice a day or as advised by the physician.

During the menstruation cycle the body produces a large amount of progesterone so it is not advised to apply the cream during this time. The dosage of the cream should vary with time and conditions. Pregnant women can use the cream in a very small dosage to reduce stretch marks. However, progesterone must be used as prescribed by the doctor to avoid depression or PMS.

Women can start using progesterone cream a few years before menopause to minimize menopause effects such as insomnia, depression, stress, and fatigue. With expert medical advice on the correct usage of the progesterone cream, these effects can be curbed to a great extent.

by Marcus Peterson
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