Top 5 Intel Pentium 4 MotherboardsTop 5 Intel Pentium 4 Motherboards

Motherboard technology changes so rapidly that the notable motherboard manufacturers like ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI come out with new boards every few months.

To help you out, I've consolidated a summary list of the top 5 Pentium 4 motherboards which I recommend.

These boards are all great performers - you won't go far wrong if you build your Pentium 4 system using them. So let's take a look at the list:

Intel D875PBZLK

The Intel D875PBZLK is a Socket 478 motherboard that gives leading performance for Intel based systems. It supports AGP 8X and 4X, comes with built-in LAN support, USB 2.0 and serial ATA features. A very nice motherboard indeed.

Abit IS-10

The Abit IS-10 Socket 478 motherboard releases incorporates the the Intel 865G chipset to deliver mind boggling speed and power. All the standard features of a good motherboard are there - in-built video and audio, LAN support, USB 2.0 and serial ATA. A very popular item in the market.

Gigabyte 8I848P-G

The Gigabyte 8I848P-G is a Socket 478 motherboard with integrated audio, AGP 8X and 4X support, Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0 and serial ATA features. This full-function platform delivers excellent performance and rock-solid stability. A very affordable board that should be in a budget enthusiast's shopping list.

ASUS P4P800E Deluxe

The ASUS P4P800E Deluxe is a high-end offering from the motherboard manufacturer. Built around the Intel 865PE chipset, this motherboard includes lovely features like IEEE 1394 connectivity, Multi-RAID technolog, as well as 8-channel audio, Serial ATA, USB 2.0 and Gigabit LAN. You get giddy just reading that don't you? There's also an interesting Wi-Fi slot that can be used for wireless LAN upgrade.

Gigabyte 8I915PL-G

A second Gigabyte board on our list? Well, yes. The Gigabyte 8I915PL-G Socket 775 motherboard is a solid performer with built-in audio, LAN support, USB 2.0 and serial ATA features. Most importantly, it comes with PCI Express support, which is needed to power the next generation of video cards.


OK - which of these motherboards would I buy? I've always liked Gigabyte and Abit motherboards so I'd certainly recommend the Gigabyte 8I848P-G, Gigabyte 8I915PL-G and the Abit IS-10. Ultimately, its your own decision - so consider what features you need and your budget, then make an informed choice. Happy shopping!

by Gary Hendricks
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Gary Hendricks runs a hobby site on building computers. Visit his website at for tips and tricks on assembling a PC, as well as buying good computer components.

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