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Is Liposuction Surgery For Me? 16 Points to Note By: Dr Andrew Kim
If you think that anyone who has substantial amounts of stubborn fats can go right ahead with liposuction - then you are dead wrong Everybody who wants to undergo the procedure must meet certain requirements in order to promote optimum results ...
Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Love Handles By: Dr Andrew Kim
If you are despondent about those unsightly remembrances of gained pounds, you can actually lose them in 5 ways Yes, there are 5 answers to relieve you of the shame, discomfort and annoyance that go along with weight ...
Is Liposuction an Answer For Obesity? By: Dr Andrew Kim
It is true that not anyone carrying around excess amounts of fats are good for liposuction There is a fine line of considerations, risks and complications that separates obese patients from undergoing ...
How to Keep Your Hair Healthy, Shiny and Strong By: Dr Andrew Kim
Hair loss is just another normal physiologic process until one day you find that you are losing an alarming amount of strands, until patches of scalp becomes seemingly visible This most unwelcome change, although taken for granted, can be prevented ...
Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Vs. Hair Transplant By: Dr Andrew Kim
If you are hounded with concern over the apparent loss of your hair due to certain health conditions, stress, medications or genetics, you'll still have that proverbial "light ahead of the tunnel" Various kinds of treatments are now offered to ...
What Are the Different Types of Hair Loss? By: Dr Andrew Kim
Little by little you observe these little patches of hair thinning and then shedding off, bringing you to an acute awareness that you are experiencing hair loss If you are at an older age, this can be attributed as a sign of aging, but sometimes ...
10 Effective Ways to Stop Hair Loss By: Dr Andrew Kim
Male-patter baldness (MPB) is a condition experienced by a large population of men especially as they begin to age This obvious change in a man's appearance commonly leads to embarrassment and ...
Do's and Don'ts After Rhinoplasty By: Dr Andrew Kim
To hasten recovery after rhinoplasty, one should be responsible for maintaining himself free from infection and other post-surgical complications The following are helpful tips on what to do and what should not be done after a nose surgery: The ...

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