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Shoot a Gun While Sitting on My Horse By: Todd Mera
I want to be able to shoot a gun while sitting on my horses back and have them stand still. Of course I don't start there so this is what I have done so far.Bubble WrapI love bubble wrap. You know the stuff you pack things in and then pop ...
Handling the Feet By: Todd Mera
I was working with my yearling Pooka. She is an Arab-Shire filly. She leads OK and is not afraid of us. She comes up to us when we enter the field and will let us pet her when she is lying down. So today I decided it was time to ...
5 Minute Training Running at Your Horse By: Todd Mera
I want to make my horses as safe as possible in a variety of situations. Therefore I try to expose them to as many situations as possible. Although I would never advocate approaching your horse at a full sprint I think there are good reasons to let your ...
Vegos Second and Third Ride By: Todd Mera
Vego's first ride went very well. For the most part I just sat on his back Rachael directed him around the round pen. OK, so now for the second and third ride.I lead Vego to the round pen and saddled him up. I put the hackamore on ...
The Boy Who Caught the Horse By: Todd Mera
The HorseI bought Aries knowing that he had some issues. Not a problem, I like a challenge. One of the first problems we had to deal with is catching him. When I go out to catch a horse I make my intentions very obvious. I approach the horse with the ...
Leftover 4th of July Fireworks are Great for Bomb Proofing the Horses By: Todd Mera
The GoalI was working with Vego and Gemini today. I have been working on desensitizing them to loud noises. The final goal is 1) to be able to shoot a gun while sitting on their backs and 2) to be able to ride them down a street filled with people, ...
Vegos First Ride By: Todd Mera
A Little BackgroundVego (Thoroughbred/Percheron gelding) is about 2 years old. I have spent many hours doing ground work with him. He knows how to move away from pressure, lounge, back up, jump over logs, etc. When I bought Vego he was 4 months old and had never ...

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