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Sweep Picking Mistakes That Make Your Playing Less Clean By: Tom Hess
Sweep picking isn't that hard to master when you practice it the right way. The first step to getting better at sweep picking is to not make any of the common mistakes other average players make. ...
Why Copying Your Favorite Guitarist Creates Bad Habits In Your Guitar Playing By: Tom Hess
Your guitar playing does not get better when you blindly copy what other great players are doing. In many cases, these guitarists use inefficient playing methods that would hold you back from improving. ...
Why You Need Ear Training Mastery To Become A Great Guitarist By: Tom Hess
It's easier to make progress on guitar when you have excellent ear training skills. This is probably for a different reason than what you're thinking of... ...
How To Get Better At Guitar Without Much Practice Time By: Tom Hess
You don't have to practice guitar for 6 hours a day to get good... Here are three ways to improve your playing while practicing with limited time: ...
Why Most Self-Taught Guitarists Do Not Become Excellent - Part 1 By: Tom Hess
Learning guitar by yourself makes it hard to know if you're using good practice habits or not. When you don't have them, making progress becomes very difficult and slow. ...
How To Become A Better Guitar Teacher By Spending Less Time Creating Teaching Materials By: Tom Hess
Teaching guitar becomes easier and less stressful when you avoid spending extra (unpaid) time creating lesson materials for your students. ...
Three Errors You Must Avoid If You Teach Guitar By: Tom Hess
Becoming successful at teaching guitar requires avoiding the mistakes most below-average teachers make. These missteps prevent you from earning a living and slow down your students' guitar playing progress. ...
Three Things That Separate Great Guitar Players From Other Players By: Tom Hess
Are you passionate about becoming a great guitarist? First, you need to be aware of the three distinct differences between great players and so-so players. Read below to learn them and begin taking your guitar playing to the next level: ...

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