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SPX Completing the Downtrend in April By: Arthur Eckart
Intermediate-term technical indicators suggest SPX will be much lower within six weeks. The chart below is an SPX daily chart, with indicators, since the end of the rally in Nov. The chart shows the NYSE Oscillator's (i.e. NYMO) 50-day MA peaked two months ago slightly above 25 and closed at ...
Bottom Fishing By: Larry Potter
When the market is a bit funky, it is obvious that the last thing you want to do is release bad news, but the rules are the rules and when someone announces they have missed earnings or revenues the punishment is quick and severe. But its usually overdone! For instance ...
Hot Stock Tips Are Not By: Joel Arberman
It's safe to say that anything that seems to be too good to be true probably isn't, but that doesn't stop scam artists from trying out their ploys on unsuspecting cell phone users. Many more people are finding unsolicited text messages on their phones, offering stock tips that will ...
What is a Nemis Stock By: Larry Potter
Do you have a nemesis stock? Don't laugh, just about every good trader/investor I know has one particular stock/index/commodity or what have you that just drives him or her nuts. I'm sure you do too.Just about every time you try and trade it, the stock tosses it right back in ...
Learn to Calculate a Stocks Pivot Point By: Chris Perruna
Stocks breakout from properly formed bases everyday but many investors don't understand how to locate a pivot point or what patterns to study that may contain this very important buy signal. A pivot point can be described as the optimal buy point or the area at the end of ...
Stock and Bonds By: Kevin Stith
Investing money can be tedious and complicated for investors planning to earn money at a faster pace. In general terms, stocks provide long-term growth potential, while bonds provide a steady income stream.Stocks are certificate of ownership of a fraction of the capital of the company that issued it. The stocks ...
Effective Method to Trade with the Trend By: Peter Lim
Ever wanted to know a proven method to track the trends and make the trend of the market your personal friend?Here's how you can do so:1. Find a short term moving average. Use 20 days simple moving average2. Find a longer term moving average. Use 65 days simple moving average.Look ...
Laws and Efficiencies and Theories of Diminishing Returns By: Lance Winslow
The basis of diminishing return discussions surround such simple notions; that when you have a very fast aircraft, you also have coefficients of drag issues. When you are building a quarter mile car and want to go faster you must realize that for every tenth of a second you need ...
Investing Wisely The Way to Riches By: Craig Dawber
Multiply Your Money ? Invest with CareThe investment in stock multiplies quickly. The certificates of deposits may give you interest rates ranging from 4 to 5% depending on the deposit period. Out of the interest that you receive, you have to pay income tax as if it is applicable to ...
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