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Parental Alienation - How to Prepare For Your Parent-Adult Child Reunion By: Dr. Jeanne King Ph.D.
"You are backed into supervised or therapeutic visitation and your children are brainwashed to see you as 'danger' The alienating parent cuts you out of your lost child's ...
Parental Alienation - Cast Away Parent Still Has Longings and Rights By: Dr. Jeanne King Ph.D.
It's been seven years since he/she has had contact with his/her child And this child is turning 18 years old next ...
Pascal Programming Language By: Igor Funa
Pascal programming language was created in late 1960s by a Swiss computer scientist Niklaus Wirth. It is based on the ALGOL programming language and named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. ...
Sorting in Pascal Programming By: Dewayne Weiss
In this article I discuss sorting in Pascal programming language. Sorting is a very useful technique that is used vastly in various programs. This is a programming technique that is used to sort a list of pre-stored data list in a descending or ascending order according to a preset criterion. ...
Turbo Pascal - A Brief History By: Igor Funa
Turbo Pascal is a famous Pascal compiler developed by Borland in early 1980s. It was the first compiler that included also an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). ...
Turbo Pascal Download - How to Compile Old Projects By: Igor Funa
Pascal programming language is now rarely used in schools, but for some programmers it is still very popular and many old projects are still maintained. ...
Increase Productivity by Using Tools to Compare Pascal Programs By: Sam Miller
The Pascal programming language was designed in the 1970s by Niklaus Wirth as a language to facilitate the study of good programming practices. ...
Pascal Compiler For 8051 Microcontrollers By: Igor Funa
The 8051 core is one of the widely used microcontroller cores. It is about 30 years old and still very popular. Originally designed by Intel in late 1970s, 8051 core found its way into many popular microcontroller families manufactured by Atmel, Silicon Labs, NXP, and many others. ...

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