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We understand that you might have reasons to remove the links to your website. Please also understand that all articles published at ezinepost.com were submitted voluntary and went through review and approval process.

We work hard to keep all articles and website links in their respective bibliography in a readable and optimized presentation. We have tens of thousands of articles indexed by Google and other search engines and we believe that your articles are beneficial for both your website, our article directory and our readers.

However if you believe you still want to remove the articles that has links to your website, please follow these steps:
1 - Prove you are the owner of the website in question: For your security and privacy, please verify that you are the owner of the website you want links removed from our website by placing an html file with the name ezinepost.html on your website.

2- Pay $10/Website Link removal Fee: Like we mentioned all articles on ezinepost.com are submitted voluntary and work was done to review, approve and maintain them. In addition, work is to be done to remove them. The small fee will cover the removal of all articles containing any links to your website or articles that might appear in the future.

Before making the payment, please make sure you followed step one.

Website To Remove:

Amount: $10.00

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