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EzinePost Memebership

Period:365 Days

This membership is your choice if you are just interested in submitting few articles to ezinepost.com or researching articles.

In addition to the ability to submit articles, you will also enjoy other benefits of registered members such as the ability to make a favorite list of articles and more.

Once registered, you can always upgrade your membership for more benefits and you can add featured article credits.

Auto Approve Articles:No
Featured Articles Credits:10
Article Schedule:No
Links Allowed In Article Body:0
Links Allowed In Bio Box:3
Minimum Words Per Link In Article Body:0
Notebook Size:100 Notes
Characters Allowed in Bio:400 (including html)

Professional Membership

Period:365 Days

Designed for webmasters and article writers; this membership gives you more room in your reference box in addition to 24 featured article credits.

Including all the benefits of the free membership, if your articles become over 250 words, you can also have up to 3 live links in your article.

This is a good choice if you want to add visibility and use your articles to market your website; products, services or your writing capabilities.

Price:69.99 10% off, Today: $62.99
Auto Approve Articles:Yes
Featured Articles Credits:24
Article Schedule:Yes
Links Allowed In Article Body:3
Links Allowed In Bio Box:3
Minimum Words Per Link In Article Body:250
Notebook Size:250 Notes
Characters Allowed in Bio:650 (including html)
Details, Policies and Explanations
  • Period: Is the number of days where the benefits of your membership subscription remains active. When a membership subscription is expired, your membership is downgraded to the free membership unless you renew before your expiration date. Please note that we do not auto-renew your subscription, however, we will notify you by e-mail when your subscription is about to expire.
  • Price: The fee you pay to enjoy the benefits of an advanced membership. Please note that this fee is not refundable. No full or partial refunds will be issued once a subscription is committed. Please make sure you need the subscription before making any commitments. Prices are subject to change without a notice. If prices go higher, you still can renew your subscription for your price before expiration. You will have to pay any new price if your membership subscription expires.
  • Featured Articles Credits: A featured article credit allows you to make an article that you submit featured.
    - Featured articles appear at the top of their respective categories before non-featured articles.
    - Featured articles are also favored in the search results.
    - Featured articles snapshots have a slightly different design that makes them stand out over other non featured articles.
    An article credit allows you to make an article featured for a period of one months. After that, the article becomes a regular non featured article.
  • Links Allowed In Article Body: the number of links you are allowed in article body. On membership expiration ,you get to keep these links live.
  • Minimum Words Per Link In Article Body: Your article must have this number of words for each link. For example, if your article is 600 words 'words per link in body' is 200; this means you can have up to 3 links in article body.
  • Links Allowed In Bio Box: The number of links you are allowed in your reference box.
  • Characters Allowed in Bio: the maximum number of characters you are allowed to have in your reference box.
  • Article Scheduale: This feature allows you to scheduale article publishing. This feature is a good strategy if you have lots of article and want to keep new content comming according to a time table.
  • Notebook Size: You can use your notebook to take notes, create drafts, put reminders for yourself or in any way similar to a notebook!

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