Modular Homes Misconceptions And MythsModular Homes Misconceptions And Myths

Many people mistakenly believe that modular homes are expensive, cost a lot to insure, are inferior to on-site homes, take longer to build, are lower quality, easily damaged, and that modular homes cannot be customized.

Fortunately, modular homes do not exhibit any of these misconceptions. While it is true that modular designs were fairly basic during the start of the industry, today's technology and consumer demand for this product has made these homes virtually indistinguishable from traditional site built homes. Today, modular homes are constructed in sections or modules in a controlled factory environment. All modular homes are 80% to 95% built in factories and then transported to a foundation where it is then assembled.

To dispel some of the common misconceptions about modular housing take a little basic common sense research. First, Modular homes are less expensive on average than site built homes. A modular homes cost per square foot to construct is generally 15% - 25% less expensive than a comparable quality site-built home. Secondly, modular homes insurance costs are the same value as that of an on site homes.

In addition, on-site homes are not superior to modular homes for the simple fact that modular homes are more closely supervised and built in a factory-controlled environment which improves the structural quality of modular homes. On-site built homes are subject to weather exposure which can lead to future water damage problems and mold issues. Modular homes are often structurally stronger than traditional site built homes due to the fact additional framing and structural support is built into the module designs so they can withstand transportation load factors. On general wear and tear matters, just like any other home, modular homes are subject to weather damage, broken windows, and anything else a normal home would encounter.

On-site homes can take up to 4 to 6 months to complete, depending on season, and how long it takes to break ground and lay a foundation. Modular homes take 1 to 2 months from initial customer design to delivery of the home from the factory to the foundation. Finally, modular homes can be customized to the owners? preference, or can be customized exactly like the homes in the surrounding neighborhood.

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by SA Smith
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S.A. Smith is a freelance writer, contributor, and editor of the Modular Home Styles information portal which reports on the latest Modular construction news and developments in the residential and commercial portable building construction industry.

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