Learn To Let Go - Part 1Learn To Let Go - Part 1

Everyone in the world has faced, at one time or the other, a period where they need to learn to let go. Whether it is a physical object or material goods, emotional attachment or love, or a spiritual trap, it is very important to free yourself of extra baggage. When we are young, we start to accumulate baggage. That baggage includes misbehaviors, fears, and secrets. As we grow into young adults, we start to become secretive about out friends and activities, and that becomes our baggage. As we date, marry and grow old, we find that we add to our baggage. Before we realize it, we have accumulated a ton of old baggage that has started wearing us down and out.

Some of the biggest baggage that we carry includes things that we don't even think about anymore. Those things, however, need to be addressed and eliminated the best way that we know how. Some of the baggage includes the following.

1. Letting go of fear
2. Letting go of old relationships
3. Letting go of grief
4. Letting go of loved ones
5. Letting go of disappointments
6. Letting go prejudice
7. Letting go of material possessions
8. Letting go of depression
9. Letting go of abuse
10. Letting go of negative energy
11. Letting go of addictions
12. Letting go of ego

Can we look at all these in detail to understand more about how to let them go? You may not be able to let them go at a stroke. The process may be slow and some of them many be very difficult to let go. Also this will be different from person to person. You may let go something quickly while a friend of yours may find the same thing very difficult. Let us look at these one after another.


The first thing that we need to let go of is FEAR. Fear keeps us locked into the past because we are afraid of changing. We might have fear of changing or doing something new that we aren't familiar with like sports or professional encounters. We might be afraid of flying, driving, dating, riding elevators or amusement rides or even public speaking. Sometimes people even have a few of bad health or dying. Fear can paralyze a person, so the first thing that we need to try to do is let go of the baggage we carry in the form of fears.


We need to let go of old relationships. Whether it is an old high school sweetheart or a childhood friend who marries and moves away, we need to let it go. Old relationships that linger often keep us from making new relationships and having new memories.


Someone who is gone is another fear that many people share. Letting go of grief is an enormous piece of baggage that we carry if we have ever lost a parent, spouse or child. Death itself can make the grief we carry seem unnatural and overwhelming. It is hard to get over the death of a loved one but we need to learn to let go the grief.

Because we have all faced periods in our life where we need to learn to let go, we have shoved them aside and they became baggage that we carry with us wherever we go. In part two of this article series, we will continue our exploration of the things that we need to learn are not important and begin learning to let go. Sometimes something that is important has also to be left, if that is giving us more pain. We will discuss more in the following articles.
by CD Mohatta
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