Caring For Microscopy Accessories The Right WayCaring For Microscopy Accessories The Right Way

The quest for answers in Science is a wonderful adventure. If you want it done the right way, having a well-equipped laboratory is important. After all, you can't just sit behind a desk and try to come up with answers to Science's questions. You need to do experiments and these can be done in a laboratory.

But having a laboratory and filling it with all useful equipment known to man is one thing. Keeping the equipment clean and in top shape is another. Because if you want to serve Science well and always come up with results devoid of anomaly and other factors, your equipment must be clean all the time. This is especially true when it comes to the microscope. Not only will you have to clean the unit itself, you must take care of the microscopy accessories very well, too.

Make Cleaning a Routine

Having a good cleaning schedule for microscopy accessories is important. Storing them in their proper storage containers after use is essential as well. If you just leave them on a table, they will gather dust and other particles sooner than you think. In fact, while you are using them, dust, oil, and other particles are already settling on them. And if you leave them uncovered overnight, you will find out that cleaning them will take longer than usual. So dust them off with a special brush before storing them properly.

And whatever you do, DO NOT BLOW THEM WITH YOUR BREATH. You might be tempted to do it when you see your microscopy accessories covered with a small amount of dust but you must never give in to the temptation. Your saliva will mix with the dust and this can create bigger trouble for you.

For delicate items, you must also avoid excessive cleaning so as to avoid scratching them unnecessarily.

Invest in Good Cleaning Materials

You can never underestimate the usefulness of lens cleaning tissue. It is your best friend when cleaning lenses and slides. For instance, cleaning off immersion oil can only be done properly with the tissue. You can do this by wiping the lens until no more oil is present. It is important to use many tissues so that your last wipe will produce a dry tissue. As soon as a tissue is used, you must throw it away so that you will not accidentally use it to wipe the lens again. You must also remember that applying too much pressure with your fingers is not ideal while employing lens cleaning tissue. This can lead to scratches and other such problems. If you want to avoid scratches, you may hold the lens cleaning tissue on the corners and use the middle part for cleaning.

Another useful cleaning material is a compressed air cylinders. While it is very effective in removing dust, it should be used properly so that you will not damage the microscope. Using it at the right angle is extremely important. This way, you will avoid spraying your microscopy accessories with cold air repellant. Of course, you can always use the oil-free compressed air cylinders.

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by Edison Ramsey
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For more items used in cleaning microscope accessories, be they for a numerical aperture system or for Achromat and Plan-Apochromat objectives, check out
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