Corporate Business Gifts That Won't Nuke Your BudgetCorporate Business Gifts That Won't Nuke Your Budget

In these harsh economic times, many companies and corporations are struggling to find ways to cut operating expenses and stay in business. Many may find it difficult to participate in the whole gift-giving festivities of the upcoming Holiday Season and some may even be dreading the looming gift-fest, especially if they have given generously in the past.

Those same companies may be struggling to find appropriate corporate business gifts which won't break the bank and put a further dent in the company's coffers. They will be looking for tasteful, yet inexpensive corporate gifts, to hand out to their employees and clients.

If you're on a tight budget, you may have to find more creative ways to celebrate the holidays this year. If you're scaling back on your gift-giving, here are some general suggestions you should consider while you're making your choices.

First, like everything in life, honesty is probably the best policy. If your company is cutting back on the festivities this year, explain to your workers and everyone concerned why you're cutting back. Be open and honest with all concerned and explain the reasons; just don't take it for granted they know. Most workers will understand and appreciate this honesty.

Second, while you may be cutting back, don't forget one of the most powerful aspect of gift-giving is personalization. Make sure your gifts are personalized. Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated; your employees and clients are no different. So personalize that gift with your employee's name and/or any other recent awards/accomplishments that employee has contributed to your company. Keep in mind, almost any object can now
be engraved with lasers, so think outside the box for an inexpensive item that can be personalized to match your worker or client.

Third, practical gifts which the receiver can actually use and benefit from, will always be appropriate and appreciated. Practical gifts which will make that employee's job a little easier to do will produce a lasting effect for all concerned. Even simple work-related items can be given and they won't break your budget.

Fourth, look for creative ways to celebrate the season within your company. Have gift-raffles where all your employees will a chance to win a major gift or gifts; if you have thousands of employees this could be a fair way of celebrating and rewarding your workers. If your company makes products or retail items, you can always give away these items as gifts. Do volunteer gifts where time is donated in place of gifts. You can even give time off as a gift because everyone loves a holiday.

Fifth, shop around and buy in bulk, if you have a large number of workers buying gifts in bulk could be a good bargaining chip to get a lower price. If your company has many branches, consolidate all these numbers and approach a supplier for a special deal. Even simple personalized gifts like mugs, company t-shirts, USB memory sticks, key chains... can be simple tokens of appreciation which will suffice in these harsh times.

Finally, don't think of corporate gifts as objects or items, instead these are merely ways of saying "thank you" to your employees. They are ways of saying that your employee is special and appreciated. Everyone wants to feel they're needed and their work and worth is appreciated by the company they work for.

A simple inexpensive personalized plaque or a hand-written framed letter of appreciation can be perceived as priceless in the eyes of the receiver. Corporate business gifts, no matter how expensive or inexpensive for that matter, should always cement this special bond that exists between the employer and employee. Never forget this bond and all your gifts will leave them smiling and appreciated, while leaving both your reputation and your bank account intact.
by Titus Hoskins
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For the latest corporate gift ideas and a handy Amazon gift-organizer try here: corporate business gifts For Timely Special Savings/Deals/Coupons on Corporate here: personalized business gifts Copyright 2009 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.
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