Got Throbbing Toothache Pain? Can't Sleep?Got Throbbing Toothache Pain? Can't Sleep?

Toothache pain is a pesky ailment that, at some point in your life, you'll encounter the agonizing experience regardless of your age. Whether it's soothing your fussy newborn cutting his or her first tooth, or attending to your own throbbing ache, that keeps you awake at night as you watch the alarm clock count down until it's time to drag yourself out of bed.

There are several different underling causes of toothache pain such as cavities, gum diseases, and tooth root sensitivities. The most common cause is contributed to tooth decay which eventually leads to cavities. Small cavities are usually not a nuisance, however, larger "crater" cavities tend to collect food particles and cause the tooth to become irritated and extremely sensitive. A broken or chipped tooth may also cause discomfort.

It's often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your misery. If you're lucky, it may be easy to alleviate it without going to the dentist, by simply removing a stubborn piece of food particle lodged between your teeth. If it only requires a simple do-it-yourself remedy, you can definitely save money by avoiding a dental office visit.

There are home, herbal and homeopathic remedies that will assist you in relieving pain until you reach a dentist, if you are certain this is a requirement.

Most times pain in your teeth seemingly starts out of nowhere. Yet some tend to begin with a sporadic twinge of pain in a localized area in your mouth. The next day the ache radiates up to your temples causing a massive headache!

If you haven't yet determined the exact cause of this, the one thing you can't mistake or ignore is the excruciating feeling that just won't go away. Severe toothache pain is best described as a continuous throbbing or dull aching inside your mouth that may cause swelling of the cheeks or face.

Gum disease is also another leading cause of mouth discomfort. For those suffering from this disease, not only is it a painful condition and leads to gum pockets, but it can also cause bone loss around the healthy teeth. These gum pockets cause painful infections and swelling that may continue to destroy other healthy teeth.

For those suffering from severe uncomfortability that may be characterized by feelings of intense sharp stabbings or dull aches that worsens within 24 hours. These aches in your teeth are very likely be caused by a deep tooth cavity, broken tooth, or exposed nerves beneath a tooth. This often becomes so unbearable that you aren't even able to eat your favorite sweet treat or drink your favorite hot or cold beverage. This is because the area around the infected or abscessed tooth has become extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

If cavities and gum diseases are left untreated for a long period of time, oftentimes the damages inside your mouth are unfortunately irreversible. You see, toxic bacterial materials begin to degenerate otherwise healthy bones. This, too, is often the start of toothache pain waiting to happen!
by Sheri Davis Collins
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Avoid experiencing the wrath of toothache pain with home, herbal and homeopathic remedies that work!
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