Basic Guide To Microscopy Accessories For DummiesBasic Guide To Microscopy Accessories For Dummies

When you purchased your first microscope, you probably thought that it contained everything you will ever need to study living and non-living things in small detail. In some ways, you are right. However, you will still need microscopy accessories as you go along in your study.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Each type of microscope requires a specific set of accessories precisely because of their unique features. Of course, all microscopes have a common thread - seeing things on a microscopic level - but the technology used, the depth of field, and the most common applications often differ.

For example, a digital microscope has a similar depth of fields as that of the slide microscope except that it allows for the creation of virtual slides and the sharing of information. Or the difference between a slide microscope and a stereo microscope makes for relatively unique sets of microscopy accessories.

Thus, before purchasing accessories for your microscope, read the instruction manual, determine the specific part that you need and assess where you can buy them. Keep in mind that branded microscopes often don't have interchangeable interior parts since product integrity must be maintained. Unless, of course, you are buying highly interchangeable exterior microscopy accessories like slides and dust covers, then it's another story altogether.

It's always best to approach the authorized vendor of a specific part. This way, you are assured that it is of high-quality, hence, will contribute to longer microscope life. And always check that the part you have is exactly what you need!

Now, when it is time to install the microscopy accessories, you can either do it on your own or call the help of a professional. The latter is advisable for interior parts as these can be fragile and highly technical. For exterior parts like stage clips and slides, you might as well do it yourself.

Replace with New Microscope or Replace Old Parts

Microscopes can be expensive with prices running into the hundreds of dollars for top-of-the-line units. Thus, its parts and accessories can be on the high-end, too. Still, if you take good care of your microscope, it might be a long time yet before you have to search for microscopy accessories in terms of replacement parts.

But what happens when you have to replace old parts and the replacement costs is greater than the price for a brand new unit? Well, you either go for practicality or for sentimentality. Yes, some people can get attached to their microscopes, even baptizing them with names, so it will be quite understood if you opt for sentimentality.

If you opt for practicality, then good for you! This is because you might have to spend more money on future repairs for an oft-repaired microscope. Think of it as a rundown car that has become friends with the mechanic and enemies with your pockets.

In conclusion, there is no shame in being a dummy when it comes to microscopy accessories. After all, you cannot be expected to be a genius with microscopes on your first try!

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by Edison Rammsey
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